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April 30, 2009 - 09:42 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Lee

    love to see this hot boys ass

  • Carlos

    boy you are HOOOOOOT!!!!


    I want to crawl between those legs and suck that cock.

  • Ric

    Ooooh let me suck it!

  • aaron

    yup, just came. thank you sexy friend.

  • antony

    This guy reminds me of Jason Orange from &aposTake That&apos... he looks just like him.... my all time favourite 4 tissue fantasy when I was a teenage boy...... if ur reading this guy, contact me on I now own a chain of shops in England and want you as a poster boy for a campaign.

  • kris

    holy fuck that&aposs hot!!!

  • Nick

    yeah I&aposd gobble that up haha

  • Kronicus

    yumm-o (hopefully Rachel Ray wont

  • Anonymous

    abit of alright there-i&aposd like to fondle his balls

  • Nicholas

    God damn this bro is smoking hot

  • mateo


  • Samantha

    Love it

  • Chris

    Ummmm, wish I were sat behind, underneath... tonguing his sweet musky scent, taking down the taste from his warm manhole.

  • Scot

    Delicious dick!

  • Steve

    Nice, Looks like someone forgot to charge before the photoshoot!!

  • ed

    this sexy bitch has nice cock that just made him even sexier

  • RĂ´mulo

    Baby i need you in Brazil.

  • Jon

    Baby, we need to see your boybutt!

  • element_lad

    Really like this guy.

  • Dan

    This guy has a natural sexiness about him. Hot!

  • little general

    Yaeh, him or scotty

  • Jim

    He could call himself whatever he wanted as long as he&aposd let me play on that nice dick

  • Jman, I&aposm sorry but I don&apost know if he&aposs called Scotty.

  • Jman you know this guys name? He looks exactly like my ex exactly..

  • Looky

    Oooo la la! Love him!

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