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April 30, 2009 - 09:44 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Billy C

    Awesome dark-skinned shaft!

  • SoCal Rules

    So do I.

  • Garcar1969

    aaaaaaaaahhhhhh tasty sweet muscle men love the tan lines love the cock hit or look  me up if ever in puerto rico

  • Anonymous

    WOOF love the tan lines

  • LEVI

    Damn tan do it every time

  • Lothar

    hi! need you in my bed. you are so hot!

  • Geronimo

    Perfecto este papito!


    Wow. Hot sexy body. Love your cock.. Love to fell that mushroom head hitting the back of my throat.

  • Anonymous

    yeahhh he is like Taylor Laurent hehe waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa damn the two toned skin in your penis make feel hot... you´re perfect

  • tng

    toooo two toned cock for me, but i still like it...

  • Jake

    Taylor Lautner? HAHAHA!

  • Dick Skinner

    One of the hottest circumcisions ever!

  • Fred

    What a ridiculous dick !!!!!

  • Anonymous

    What a contrast to David Beckham&aposs sloppy foreskin! Who thinks he should get cut?

  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous cut piece! Wouldn&apost have been anything special if uncut! Sweet!

  • Anonymous

    My land! Gimmie Gimmie Gimmmie!

  • Glen

    Nice BIG head and YUMMY bush!!

  • organist

    aaaaaahhhh! goddamn! great cock and bush, love the tan line!

  • eagle

    damn hot - great body - worth any sin

  • Anonymous

    look at that sun mark! lovely

  • BR

    bah.. small dick.. hahaha

  • Scott


  • Lucas

    Damn I definitely just bust cum all over my bed.. Please let that cock throb in my mangina til we both sqeeze a lot of cummy out

  • BH

    I wonder how big that is hard? Would love to find out!

  • owen

    i love circumcision scars

  • Lilly

    HAWT !

  • Jay

    Very hot. Love the tan line and the nice cock. He could do whatever he wants to me.

  • Steve

    Are you Black or White? heh heh

  • Rômulo

    Nice body and muscle man. PERFECT.

  • chris

    that cock head would drive me wild
    beyond full in and out thrusts
    as hard as he can

  • Christopher

    Excellent body...cock is just fine...could &aposnurse&apos it all night

  • anon

    love the dark shaft and that phat pink mushroom helmet- any of this monster rock hard?

  • GunnySir

    I want feel those thighs squeeze me while I f*ck his brains out.

  • urBoi

    damn, i&aposd ride him til i burst

  • Anon9

    GR8 Bod!

  • Anonymous

    The two toned cock is a first, but it is a he&aposs a hotie

  • Anonymous

    Just like in my dreams...

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