Guys With iPhones

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April 30, 2009 - 09:50 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • luvsuknstr8

    so very very hot

  • .rod.

    funny, love the scene

  • yan

    is that duff goldman?

  • FuckPistel

    This pix is super hot I wish I could get some head like him

  • Al

    Whatever it so hot!

  • Omar

    Did it never occur to Guyguy or MTB that perhaps the dude&aposs underwear was pulled down to expose his cock to the cocksucker? Or, the guy on his knees could just be sucking on the underwear. That&aposs always hot.

  • MTB

    Uh, do you realize that you can blow a guy while he is wearing underwear?

  • Do we realize the guy getting "blown" is wearing underwear?

  • organist

    GO FOR IT!! Chow down!

  • tom tuttle

    duff from ace of cakes?

  • Twixter


  • Craxy

    Andrew Sullivan?

  • kyle McK

    Very nice

  • mister

    Ill sit on your face!!

  • let&aposs just say the guy on his knees didn&apost really know the pic was being taken.

  • rawrrrr

    hehehe... this is funny

  • suze

    everyone needs a hobby!

  • what a great pic

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