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April 30, 2009 - 10:17 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • David Lyon

    Pretty gutsy to be one of the first uploaded pics, part of a growing trend...

  • Lee


  • Jwarring5888

    What you need is a good sucking, hehe

  • Welshboy

    Mmm very sexy.

  • Anonymous

    ,i amor

  • Anonymous

    So hot!!!

  • Anonymous

    u made me horny the secound i saw you. you are so fucking SEXYY!!!!

  • bi guy

    i want that in my mouth yummy u sexy hunk

  • Anonymous

    sexy!!!!!! wanna fuck

  • Anonymous

    sexy!!!!!! wanna fuck

  • jake

    you made me horny in a couple seconds.
    hit my email. (

  • Max Westbruck

    How U Doin!

  • Max Westbruck

    How U Doin!

  • bi


  • Anonymous

    i&aposd suck that

  • B Rad

    Happy to back up on that man!

  • mad man

    can you give mehh ur number so i can call yuhh nd see where you r at and suck that fat cock

  • dango

    Me likey :-p

  • Daniel

    I&aposm from Brazil, HOT HOT HOT!


    omg your hot. I would love to ride your cock all night long

  • oskar

    wana rdie that dick

  • dave

    hot hot hot

  • zach

    so effing hot!

  • Max

    hmmmm has no one noticed the striking similarity to Michael Phelps?? look again.

  • Paganforge

    @Organist: One of the reasons it&aposs popular is because the trees always look taller without the undergrowth.
    Dude, you are hot!!! More please!

  • Ivan

    You make me so horny. I could have sex with you for hours.

  • Kronicus

    tight body + rock hard cock = hotness

  • Jake

    schwing! Ur Cock I s Telling U 2 Cum TO Me!

  • Matt

    you can do me any day!

  • lankyguy

    Very hot, rockin&apos bod, great ass and thick legs, altogether a great package!

  • baks

    U r freakin&apos cute :)

  • tight ass

    fuckt me hard

  • fank

    suck me

  • christiansthlm


  • Anonymous

    wow HOT

  • Charlie

    Luv this cock

  • anon

    i want that in my mouth :}

  • Ricky Joe Turner

    Kinda favors Patrick Dempsey doesn&apost he? Hello McDreamy!!

  • Anonymous

    Damn! Let me suck that!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    its alright

  • Anonymous


  • organist

    For once and for all, I need to know why this pube shaving thing is so big.

  • organist

    For once and for all, I need to know why this pube shaving thing is so big.

  • luka

    supppeeeer :):):P

  • milly

    Great iphone...... ^^

  • gayboy

    you are so gorgeous. I want your penis in my mouth right now.

  • R


  • Anonymous


  • Justin

    Want to ride that cock!

  • Anonymous

    an angel!!!

  • ap

    Want that cock.

  • Bobby

    Stop shaving your pubes! A thick bush would look HOT!!

  • alexandros

    m if you didnt save you c... and balls you would be one of the sexiest here

  • Bobbie

    anytime, anyplace. just let me know!

  • sal

    mmmmm...yummmy poppers me 2 lol,,,weeee haaaaaaw,,,id ride that cowboy 2,,,lol ,,,mmmm

  • ed

    lean mean body, juicy balls and a nice fat cock. awesome bro.

  • Daniel

    can u give me ur msn address

  • Very sexy !

  • chris

    poppers and ride that fucking shit for hours

  • pete

    Need somewere 2 put it ;)
    I&aposm free ;)

  • Robert

    my favorite boy here!!!!! I&apos suck it till you cum!!

  • jeff w.

    yes, please! :D

  • TT

    Very hot bods!

  • tentmate

    hope to see you again in the gym shower!

  • Laurent

    where are you going?

  • Isak

    love pretty much everything about him

  • Allexxxi

    omfg hes an angel!!!
    totallly do him a favour hehe.

  • nicky

    totally hottttt!

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