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May 31, 2009 - 01:00 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Guillermo

    This is an underwear free zone sir! Please remove them!

  • Tache7

    Good briefs and promising tache!

  • amazone

    you are beautiful very sexy, I want you very

  • jack2525

    love that package

  • casper

    id love for you to pound my tight twink ass

  • Franco

    You look great my friend...

  • Jules

    I&aposd love to lick that chin

  • rapscalion

    There ain&apost nowhere on this boy I wouldn&apost lick.

  • mitchum

    love the porn stache :D

  • Very sexy in the undies! Perfect!

  • pete

    HAAWT !!!

  • KG

    Hmm. And he&aposs married. *hehe* Thought it was Christian Bale for a second.

  • mothers of invention

    looks like frank zappa

  • Eran

    What a man!

  • chris

    those thighs
    that stomach
    those tits
    the hair
    want to soak those briefs with my mouth

  • dn_dn

    Damnable hot!

  • Jerry

    I see the union jack, and I&aposm proud... HOT!

  • harley


  • Froujke

    This is just sexy....really sexy...

  • Patrion

    The word "YUM" comes to mind! That is one sexy chest, but the soul patch has got to go! LoL!

  • Drake

    want you sleeping next to me!!! And then hardcore sex in the on top!

  • Dan

    Dude, where are you! Hot man!

  • Jose

    fucking hot!

  • Brock

    One word.... YES!!!!

  • Anonymous

    very hot

  • BD8.5

    holy fuck yes

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