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May 31, 2009 - 07:00 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Hottie!

  • minimikej3

    I wanna take a ride on your disco stick?

  • Wil

    You&your cock look good!

  • Tache7

    Nice'n' Lean bod and good stonker and full balls

  • JC

    that thang looks like it has a mind of it&aposs own! and i LIKE it!!

  • matse

    wish we could have some nasty fun!

  • Jorjo

    Too sweet

  • Anonymous

    I want to sit on your fuck tool, until you cum in my ass bro !

  • fishereffect

    boyfriend material!!!!!!!

  • boysplendor



    Omg that cock is Hard as fuck. damn. Love to feel that inside me.


    I could see thst ginger cock blowing sa load deep in me

  • Rubio

    si si

  • benoit

    i want him in my ass now hotboy

  • Argonaut

    Wow, Total package! You can fill me any time

  • paul

    nothin better than a little guy with a huge dick !!

  • Anonymous

    M-I-N-K-I-A ...

  • Anonymous

    Awesome cock!!!!!!!!!! I love yr dick all red and big

  • völki

    hey was ein geiler boy und ein geiler schwanz

    hot boy nice cock an smart face smile

  • Dri

    Que pau gostoso

  • Anonymous

    è enoorme

  • tazz_mann

    i DO like me some ginger!!!

  • mateo

    tres belle bite ! :-)

  • mmp

    Mmm So hot

  • Mara

    meu Deus, eu quero uma dessa pra mim

  • organist

    whoever you are, dude, if you&aposre still checking your pic, over a hundred comments, don&apost know if all are positive, but who cares. this is highly unusual. everything works. never, never, ever shaved those fabulous pubes. neon red. perfection.

  • organist

    All that sausage and out of a firecrotch, too.
    More redheads! Nothin&apos like &aposem!!

  • lust

    fuck me now!!!!!!!!!

  • david

    nice smile, nice cock

  • Jay

    hottttt!!!!!!!!!!!! -send me more please!

  • jUAN


  • Allen


  • gfcxhyjdsaaa


  • Anonymous


  • miguel

    wilfredo, is that you? omg! i won&apost tell your family, really, i won&apost!

  • owen

    wow that is a great cock
    fat and big balls too

  • SoCal

    i&aposve blown this guy before he&aposs closeted at my university, and his dick is amazing.... would totally swallow his load again...

  • SoCal

    i&aposve blown this guy before he&aposs closeted at my university, and his dick is amazing.... would totally swallow his load again...

  • Cee Cee

    i feell like such a creeper looking at this....but fuck it creep on gurl creep on

  • woah! would fucking suck that all night long. would love to you to fuck me till i cry and titty fuck me. D cup babe. i want you bad.

  • Lea

    no wonder he&aposs smiling like that :O!

  • John

    Holy little guy with a big dick. Too bad it&aposs cut, the cut is making it curve wrong. Stop doing this to your kids! Ah, I&aposd still fuck him.

  • Bobbie

    i would love to ride that!

  • yea, I&aposd be smiling too!

  • NatureGuy

    mmmmmmmm a "zoomed" version is even better!!

  • frenchlover

    You&aposre the best dude!! wowowow!

  • Anonymous

    Email me I wld bend over for u anytime and worship ur beast and please it

  • David

    amazing cock

  • Anonymous

    Nice smile. Great dick! That&aposs all in a compex!

  • It would be a pleasure beyond words to review your sublime Phallus on my website, The Perfect Phallus. Please contact me.

  • sexy...

  • anonymous

    probably not someone you&aposd notice w. his clothes on, but great hard-on

  • Kevin

    I would be smiling to, if was there. . .oh vey!

  • ed

    god blessed you with a huge cock to make all the boys and girls wet and happy. fuck all those hungry sluts, starting with me...

  • Wayne

    Killer smile AND a big ol&apos donkey dick??

    Day-yum !

  • Damn fuck me. now.

  • kboy


  • L

    Fucking A... That&aposs hot

  • Daniboi

    shit baby i want to sit on that so bad!! email me!!!

  • nathan l

    I&aposd suck you all night long.

  • zeus

    yeah, fucking hot.. and huge. =)

  • MarioPoland

    Damn, fucking hot!

  • scottyP.

    he looks like he&aposs saying " cooool!!"

  • da

    Awesome Dick!

  • D

    Lol. A whole new meaning to firecrotch :]
    Its huge. lol

  • Fake? 100% Echt gibt es nur bei uns!!!

  • mmm

    i want to ride you.

  • cumonmee

    It would be great to see a cum shot!!!!!!!!!!

  • ymon

    Great normal looking body, cute face, imagine getting the trousers off him and seeing that lovely hard cock spring out! Fantastic!

  • Cris

    Oppalla, che pisellino....

  • el profesor

    What I like mostly about this guy isn&apost his tight, lean body or erect, handsome penis, but his laid back attitude. He looks like a good guy who is neither narcissistic nor a gym rat. He looks like an average, cool guy who isn&apost ashamed of what God blessed him with! If you (the man in this photo) read this, thanks for sharing!

  • cranston snord

    cannot wait to feel that thing pour cum down my throat.

  • Winfried


  • io

    bel cazzo!

  • Steff

    very nice

  • didi

    sooo gayl..........give it to me...... ;-)

    greeze didi

  • Rad-B

    I really wanna play with that!

  • Anonymous

    Just makes me smile~!

  • Colorin colorado

    OH YEAH!!!!

  • KG

    Whoa! Very very hot. Is that red hair???

  • CuteNate

    Super Hot

  • jessx


  • James

    WOW! Nice ginger bush too :)

  • Fabio C

    Do that joystick come with balls?

  • jade

    NICE HARD COCK!!!!!!

  • steve

    A dick that size would put a smile on anyones face.

  • Bob


  • B-Ratty

    i could hug that stiffy

  • Christopher

    H-E-L-L-O...there is a dick that doesn&apost lack any attention. That dick will keep him busy with a lot of action.

  • Anoynomous

    I wanna...

  • DiggerB

    Damn I want one of those in my bathroom...would make a nice towel hook :)

  • HungSwimmer

    so hot !!

  • Anonymous

    Good Boy!!!

  • Runforit

    Damn... you are cute... and wield a mighty sword! :)

  • rick

    WHOA!!! You are freakin&apos MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!

  • GaGa

    absolutely HOT. nice dick and body!

  • Sean


  • MJ


  • d.d.d.

    I can see your penis.

  • Steven

    Very nice!

  • chris

    how deep can it go?

  • jacky

    This damn thing down to this hot dude&aposs crotch is asking to be swallowed asap

  • fjodor

    wow thats hot

  • scottyP.

    oh... my... god...! dinner is served!!

  • pnsfx8shun

    B-O-I-N-G-G-G!! I&aposm in lust.

  • gb

    Good morning! Hot wood, and a hot bod. I hope that gave you a good time after that pic!

  • Mark


  • Jay

    sexy rosy dick. very lickable...

  • graffitiboy


  • gingelove

    Ginga...yum!! I&aposd ride that till the cows came home. Cute face too...

  • Ant

    Very cheeky. A great picture thanks for sharing

  • ofaj

    I wanna take a ride on your disco stick. (I think my mouth just watered)

  • Frank Anthony


  • Mark

    U are def a hottttt guy!! You should totally email me...

  • Colin


  • Dicksucka

    holy dick, man. that shit is hot. I want it. in me. kthx.

  • peanut

    u are fuckin hotttttt,

  • tiny

    thats awesome!

  • yannich

    OMG!!!!!! Where R U ? I&aposm coming !

  • Cute. I&aposd work that piece;-p

  • vincent

    Baby I&aposm ready 4 you bog boy mmm....

  • Hot damn! Your dick is almost bigger than you! Makes me hungry...

  • RJ

    YEAH! Nice boner!

  • Rd

    well that&aposs nice, not bad at all

  • Roel

    WOW, he&aposs fucking hot. Great body and a very nice cock!
    I love his dick.

  • Scott (skypeid: scotdude84)

    I like this one. Nice chest/stomach/legs

  • bamabottom

    DAMN!!! you can fuck me any time...

  • Froujke

    F*&K...This is making me smile!

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