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May 31, 2009 - 10:00 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Hey cutie! Take it off!

  • D38

    Thxs guys!!! A day at the office an everyone likes it!!! Keep them coming guys!!!

  • Will&Grace

    the rarest of all gay subspecies: The Hot Gay Nerd

  • organist

    hot. exquisite aquiline nose. HUGE hands.
    even sexier clothed, but wouldn&apost mind seeing what&aposs under there, too.

  • Jess


  • ann paz

    you are adorable. if youre ever in seattle... we should get a coffee

  • Lilly


  • love

    nice young male! cute hot and sexy

  • alexandros


  • Ryan

    It just goes to show you that you don&apost need to show your goods to be f&aposn hot. beautiful. I&aposd date you in a split sec.

  • Mike


  • Dave

    Cute...I have the same cover on my iphone!

  • Anonymous

    Cool Shot!

  • chris

    cute guy
    big dick?

  • kris

    Very nice, can we see you in your shorts please?

  • Mark

    you are gorgeous!! You should def hit me up!

  • sexy...... I wonder if he is at least bi if not straight....

  • Jim

    So hot!

  • who knows

    um, real nice, take something off or something out please, sure it looks good!

  • Scott (skypeid: scotdude84)

    Very very nice. One of my favourites

  • mavros

    you look great

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