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May 31, 2009 - 01:37 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • At last! Someone who undertsdans! Thanks for posting!

  • Everardo

    I love you to

  • Anonymous


  • sneh

    amazing bodyy man!

  • timexboi

    damn. nice but.

  • paul

    be proud of your cock !!

  • Anonymous

    very nice bed.

  • dudesnude

    mmmm Kristopher love that ass of yours

  • tres bo gosse sexy, bien foutu de la tete (qu&aposon ne vois pas dommage) au pied en passant par se cul oulalalala j&aposen bande dure ça donne envie de s&aposen occupé

  • may be he&aposs ugly, but what such a body!! bite it!

  • Seanwrightnow YIM

    Yes please!

  • bill cooper

    He truly defines voluptuous as a masculine term. Simply beautiful!

  • spencer

    ur ass is fucking amazing!

  • Scott

    Fucking beautiful!!!

  • catglitter

    What a beautiful behind!

  • otto

    one sexy bitch.

  • Lilly

    OMG !

  • ap

    I want to rim you

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    great ass

  • Carson

    Hit me up

  • Fallon

    oooh men! you are fucking hot :)!

  • Adrian hart

    Wow so I guess anyone can put pics here. I didn&apost post these but they are me. And yes that is my cock, not my duvet cover. Thanks for the compliments guys

  • ken

    Adrian you are still so hot looking .. i know that body anywhere

  • johny

    omg i love ur thick buff chest, nice round ass and carved calfs. Ride me now, omg all nigh long...

  • Suede

    You aren&apost named Micheal by any chanse? haha!

  • Chris

    Totally Beautiful.

  • Костя

    Просто офигенная задница и член!

  • PA

    OMG. Im urs!

  • robert

    Nice Bed!!! ...I mean, Yo , Hot Dude.

  • Anonymous

    Nice bed!!!! I mean ...Yo Hot Dude!

  • Christian

    damn! please tell me that is your thick uncut cock- not the duvet in the background! :)

  • Michael

    Logan - i think you&aposre confusing a cock with a corner wood molding of a bed post. :)

    but hey, it&aposs some hard wood too I supposed. heh.

  • mister

    I think you need to come over to my house for some one on one!!

  • Anonymous

    that as is amazing, i could play with that forever!

  • Logan

    Holy cray. Love it all. Nice fat cock and big juicy butt!

  • Jay

    You are a very beautiful man.

  • Christopher

    Very nice...thick legs and very nice ass; good for riden&apos for a long time.

  • Joe

    A shame you&aposre covering up that nice dick

  • Anonymous

    uhm MORE please.

  • chriswilson84

    you look amazing!!

  • Cris

    Great body, awesome ass

  • froujke

    ::jaw drops to ground::

    Excuse me while I bend over and pick it up...

  • ofaj

    the photo reminds me of the cover of romance novels by Johanna Lindsay, et. al.

  • Casey

    Oh Yeah!

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