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May 31, 2009 - 10:40 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Mike F

    Y U M M M M M M M M M M!!!

    What a sexy powerfully built furry beast! I want one!

  • Anonymous

    Would svc you anytime!!!

  • Frankj

    Dont listen to joe clark you show up as many as you want. your body is hot toned muscular with hairy body with those glasses on you are cute. a bear with glasses sexy

  • Mike

    Hey sexy love the hair i love your whole package if you ever want to hook up drop me a email

  • gerson


  • longday

    you&aposre in SF? I&aposm all over that. a4a: longday

  • PetterWathys

    You are amazinggggg !!! sexy, hot, dirty man

  • chris

    OMG! Clark Kent got an iphone! damn superman, ur one fine motherfucker....

  • daruler(grm)

    you are perfect!



  • Jr

    Oh my... msn?

  • akito_kun

    Wo-h-ow ! A big hairy muscle guy. These huge pecs and strong, muscular thick arms... You&aposd lift me like a feather. And you&aposre so cute.

  • Anonymous

    sooo hot

  • Jack


  • Matt

    man that is one hot look

  • Heath

    Freekin&apos Bear-Liscious

  • JJ

    very nice, let&aposs see some "C" and "A"

  • mitchum

    love the hairy body!

  • JJ

    very nice, let&aposs see some "C" and "A"

  • Chinaman

    Are you on roids?

  • kyle McK

    Very nice.

  • Michal

    Hy where are you from???
    nick : !!!kresus

  • Apple
  • Eddie

    damn you&aposre fucking turning me on. you&aposre so fucking HOT!
    email me at sexy!

  • TARDIS75

    Dude, would love to chat. Let&aposs talk sometime. Where are you from? Hit me up:

  • merlot


  • blake

    hello daddy bear, i&aposm lost, please cum help me find the way!

  • scottyP.

    is this the guy that posted may22nd with the big guns in the striped t-shirt and safety glasses? if it is, please post again and show us even more!

  • Anonymous

    I Love It

  • Igottagetmeaniphone


  • hella

    i bet u hv a luvely hairy crack - can u show us pls?

  • jd

    hey dude, ur stunning

  • GD

    I already commented on your pic last night, but had to come back again. Man, you are HOT!!! Like my previous comment, LOVE the fact that you&aposre buff & hairy. I want you so bad! Would love to see what&aposs underneath those track pants :) Or more pics at least!

  • mister

    Who is this guy? Im addicted!

  • DG

    That&aposs one hot daddie. Man, you changed a lot! In a very hot way!

  • ck dexter haven

    very simply put: I want to eat your ass, and then swallow your cum.

  • Unicorn

    Look at you, is there something dif in the water in SF?

  • Vegea

    I want this teddy bear!

  • Anonymous

    OH...MY...GOD!!! :O

  • Daryl

    it&aposs not possible for you to be more my type!

  • scoyyP.

    that is definately husband material!!

  • Jaywill

    This guy is freaking Hot! I Love the chest (hair) and the arms!

  • hawheehaw

    Le Beouf!

  • Mister

    You can have me anywhere and time

    emailme!!!! or anyone who feels the same way!

    I wanna see you on facebook lol!

  • reach87

    look good bro.
    reeeeal good. ;)

  • Beto

    Nice hairy chest and body!

  • Jaywill

    This guy is freaking Hot! I Love the chest (hair) and the arms!

  • cfb

    Hell YES! More please!

  • geno

    i wanna see ur hairy asshole :D

  • GD

    Buff & it!

  • Adam, quit hogging the stage. This is your third photo.

  • mark

    fuck me.

  • Dana

    Dude! My hands are ALL OVER you hairy body.

  • BD8.5

    wooof wooof

  • Patrick

    Wow! That is hot!

  • Robert

    I love your body very hot very nice Love the body hair your perfect wish I could have you, whoever does have you is one lucky person. : )

  • Brock

    YES DADDY!!!!

  • Ty

    wow you are HOT! let&aposs chat on yahoo or email me at....

  • ze


  • RC


  • Loki


  • Sam


  • Jo

    Beefy muscles and hairy body, now lets see that cock!

  • Anonymous

    Dude, you&aposre hot!

  • bamabottom

    i LOVE bears...

  • Steve

    That&aposs my kind of man. Big, build dark and hairy.

  • Steve

    That&aposs my kind of man. Big, build dark and hairy.

  • RĂ´mulo

    Our pretty guy.

  • ofaj

    you&aposre perfect

  • Anonymous


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