Guys With iPhones

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June 30, 2009 - 07:01 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • JC

    you are the man i see in my dreams!

  • Tim

    tell me plz it is not real

  • Laidee K

    makes my pussy sooo wet!!!! i want it deep in my ass!!!!! having a guy who fucks guys fuck me in the ass is the ultimate pleaure!

  • Anonymous

    fuck, i want you now!!!! so hot

  • Derek

    Id let you do anything you wanted to me

  • Anonymous

    U are de number 1 masculine man i like this

  • Di


  • Anonymous


  • Hot hot hot!

  • Robert

    Very impressive on all counts!

  • bokkie

    fucking hot big dic ! if you look fast at him he almost looks like britney spears bold bodyguard (he is also fucking hot wil jump on his love stick )

  • fuk me plz

  • dan

    dam i want to eat you up.

  • Anonymous

    Grrrrr love some u man .

  • lLeexxy

    I wanna suck that cock...

  • Anonymous

    i need you in my life.

  • jeff w.

    Is that even an iPhone? The pic should be deleted if he&aposs not using an iPhone :P

  • davidn

    that cock is the width of a baby&aposs arm!

  • logan

    he covered himself in talc while wearing a speedo, thus the reverse tan lines, he also talced the mirror (or coolglass) for artistic affetc, veyr hot cock and A* body

  • Raven

    ...isn&apost that a Moto phone?

  • jasonboyz06

    real man...every thing is big about him...

  • Anonymous

    cum and fuck me.

  • mik

    I like that man entirely

  • Mikey

    wow...very hot to be on my knees for u

  • JJ Flow

    Wowzers! He can break my back anytime he pleases! I&aposm lusting after him!

  • A W E S O M E !!! Love it buddy Very hot

  • Anonymous


  • madmax

    Photoshop tricks?

  • louis curtis

    nice arty touch, great body post more

  • your.babe


  • Dude in AZ

    Nice, and rather artsy. Good for him.

  • lee


  • ScottyP.

    If this pic is for real this guy is like so hot! Can you redo the pic clearer so we can all totally enjoy your perfectness.

  • Danilo

    Deliiiiicia chupo essa rolaaa todinha na minha BOCA.. seu lindo gostoso

  • Triston

    WOW! THAT&aposS H O T!!

  • i want

    God damn it..Call me!

  • GaGa

    huge! really nice

  • Tony

    Yum. Is there an unedited version?

  • Chase

    Very nice appendage and accoutrement

  • luigimail

    Really nice HUGE cock!, but the pic perplexes me, his head looks like a posterm his body is oddly grey, and what almost looks like a reverse tan line covers the speedo area???

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