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Michael Stipe

July 4, 2009 - 10:07 AM
Michael Stipe on Guys with iPhones
  • Joe X

    Great to see you here Michael :)

  • bob

    Michael drop those shorts and have some fun in the shower

  • Freddy

    Fantastic seeing you here Michael! LOVE LOVE LOVE your music!

  • TCRaddict

    Michael, could you persuade Stephen Colbert to post?

  • Kris

    Woohoo! Great seeing you here Michael! Long time fan of yours love you work - and your sexy body too :D

  • Liam

    Wonderful! Very hot indeed :D

  • Leon

    Michael Stipe, I love you and your music. Thanks for being an inspiration to me over the years :)

  • Anonymous

    wow what a sexy man

  • JayKay

    Thanks for all the music over the years Michael, RIP REM :(

  • Rojak

    Fabulous! Michael Stipe you&aposre an inspiration to me, love that you and the guys posted on here, wonderful!!

  • Finchley

    YAY! Michael Stipe is here!!!!!!

  • Marc

    Collapse into now is great Michael, love it :)

  • Wilson

    Michael Stipe! YAY!

  • Rhean

    Love the new album Michael, its one of REM&aposs best!

  • D j r

    FYI. It is Michael stipe in the photo. I&aposm sure @perez Hilton will have a hay day again seeing as this is the same bathroom from his previous "shoots".

  • Bestie

    I&aposm loving REM&aposs new album! Nice work Michael!

  • H

    Collapse Into Now is a beautifully produced

  • isaac

    Hey Michael! I&aposm lovin&apos &aposCollapse Into Now&apos, especially like Uberlin and Mine Smell Like Honey - great work!

  • Kent

    Love your music Michael :)

  • tracey

    what can i say totally gorgeous i deffo would!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jo East

    Woohoo! Michael Stipe! I knew you were an Apple Fanboy as soon as I saw you!

  • Jo

    Woohoo! Michael Stipe I love you!!!!

  • REM Fan

    Totally my fave pic on guyswithiphones! I just love the fact that Michael Stipe and his friends are so cool about doing this, great fun - love your music too by the way, hehe, but of course its great that a popular gay man can look so good and be so freakin cool about posting his pic up on this site - love you all the more for doing this Mikey!!!

  • Anonymous

    penis pics please

  • Carter

    Totally awesome to see you here on GWiP, have been a big fan of your work for years and had a crush on you since my teen years. It was so great when you finally came out and you&aposve been a role model to me and gave me the courage to come out to my family too. As a musician you have inspired me to develop my own art so its been a total pleasure and brilliant surprise to see you here on guys with iphones!!!!

  • Deav

    Totally falling in love~

  • wadonxrum981
    It&aposs no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction has to make sense.

  • johnson

    GREAT to see u here Mikey!!!!!

  • PD

    nice one mikey, luv ur work :D

  • JJ

    Luv it Michael, and looks like u guys had a grea party there too :)

  • Ewa

    Mr. Stipe... I didn&apost expect...

  • Anonymous

    If that is Michael Stipe then why are all the other pics uploaded before and after taken in the same bathroom? Orgy or what?

  • thomas

    does anyone know what the flip yhose things are in the background the yellow containers

  • the chicken

    even as a lesbian the guy is my hero and I totally would

  • Anonymous

    Hi Mike LOVE YOUR WORK!!!!! great set of pics with your pals - nice one!!!!

  • mike


  • luis

    hola michael!
    que vien estas en tu foto
    felizidades en tu relasion

  • Bri-guy

    MStipe. Wow! Looks great!

  • bob

    Will you come and FUCK Me some time. I will give you a blowjob that you dont want me to leave you. you are so DAMM hot

  • xtiaan

    is eveyone one here tweaking? this is just someones dad, it aint anyone from REM.

    actually judging by the looks of him id say he may be someones daddy, but hes probably not a father.

  • italianboy


    I can also come in your bathroom?
    I&aposd like a nice photo with you!

  • me again

    and i love his pattern of fur

  • me

    i hop(ed) you enjoy(ed) you hot throbbing juicey hard (o) on


  • organist

    dunno, Danny. One&aposs bigger than the other and in the next pic there are three of them on a shelf behind the guy. 2 small, one big. the mystery deepens.

  • Danny

    I think they&aposre speakers. They on shelves, and in the shower. Maybe waterproof radios or something.

  • organist

    Michael! You&aposve engendered a special site devoted just to the now notorious, infamous yellow canisters! Bravo! Now, what the hell ARE they? Thanks for the great peek, BTW!

  • dixy

    sexy in the shower he stands -
    sexy with his legs in his pants -
    sexy, you I adore -
    sexy, I wish you would bare it all

  • andrew

    perhaps he&aposs trying to turn the shower on using the new &aposishower remote control&apos from the app store!!!! yeeeeehhaaaaaa

  • uknowme

    Michael, u look incredible. i luv the way u dance. u have me in a trance with every move. nice tasteful snapshot. ur way cool, lulu.

  • 4EM

    Ja ja ja!! :D Michael, neta que eres lo mejor.
    PD. Tienes buen gusto con los chicos XDD
    Lo escribiria en ingles, pero quiero que sepas que te amamos a ti a R.E.M. en todo Mexico.

  • Zara

    Love you Michael, thanks for posting this!

  • 8

    Beautiful furry monster

  • Earlybird

    Hotbod indeed. What a treat. Here&aposs someone I could have marathon sex with. Artsy photos and flash. Fruit juicy to match.

  • Jack

    I have looked thru a lot of these pics and this guy is the hottest of em all. The other guys from this not-so-big-deal tiled bathroom top the hottest guys. Mmmm imagination.

  • BB

    MIKEY I LUV U!!!!!!!

  • Foreverfan

    Boy toys!! Do as you see fit. It&aposs high time, to jump off the walls that you&aposve constructed.

  • Roj

    YAY! Michael Stipe!

  • Tent

    @rich: er your comment doesnt make sense. Michaels tattoo IS on his right hand, and thats shown here on YOUR left as its a pic taken against a mirror. The tattoo is between his thumb and first finger of his right hand, not that it makes any difference cos you cant see that part of either hand in this picture. But yes you are right, it IS Michael Stipe, he admiitted this week already, he&aposs here with his music buddies (if you look at the other bathroom pics with the yellow cans then you will get the connection) and yeah it IS really cool that Mikey posted his pics up here, hes really got a great sense of humor (apart from being a really awesome musician)

  • rich

    Well it seems to be him.Cool anyway.
    Hey PH about left and right in the mirror I remind you that tis picture is taken versus mirror, so it&aposs still his left hand that&aposs hidden.

  • Dan

    What in the shower? paint cans??

  • FAN

    Nope it's not Michaels bathroom, but its still FREAKIN mystery LOL! (NSFW)

  • H.

    If this isn&apost Mikes bathroom, then its gotta be someones, but who?
    or if it is his, then why does mike have so many half naked, and in some cases naked men in his bathroom.
    Mikes in the backround of the guy that sin this bathroom mooning the camera..

  • rmk

    WOW! Luv ya!

  • Jean

    Nice fit body mikey :D

  • H


  • PK

    Michael Stipe your the greatest!

  • aa


  • devi

    Hi Mike :) LUV U :*

  • Woah! Definatelly hottest guy here!!
    I Love you!


    I love cock

  • Jo

    Love your music Michael, hey and btw great bod too!

  • eLf

    great to see u looking so fine Michael

  • jossyg

    You can be sure, Is HIM, he`s so cute, so sexy and so kind :) Love you

  • Anon

    Why do they keep moving the yellow containers btwn the pictures?? What the heck is in them? What are they for? They made them visible in every picture lol. Is it supposed to be visually appealing? I&aposm so confused :(

  • Tonto


  • DaRt

    Looks like you and your buddies are having a fun time there in that bathroom haha!

  • andi

    loved you music for years michael, seeing you here really made my day too THX :-)

  • wanch

    i want to nuzzle my face on ur furry chest :)

  • simon lawlor

    the guy who recently wrote the church bio called you an arsehole - thought it was funny

  • OMFG!!! I love him so much, he´s the hottest man of the world!!!

  • DeLite

    Whoaaaaa Michael Stipe WOW!!!!!! (:

  • hh

    NICE ONE!!!!!!!

  • Chas

    Hes in amazing shape :)

  • reece

    i hope i get to have as much fun as Michael when im nearly 50yo too!

  • smylee

    Mikey LUV U xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Al

    Michael is soooo way cooool, i cant imagine any other star who has the balls to post his pic here, especially with all the other guys in that bathroom, this is great, just great!

  • toast


  • Gabriel

    It totally breaks my heart when I see you, even almost naked, right exactly as my ex b-friend who passed away a couple of years ago, you both should have been secret brothers or so, is amazing how close you look to him.

    I still remember when we saw you in Barcelona and Atlanta years ago, the people at the stadium were also asking him, that was so funny.

    Now everytime I see you a part of me breaks, but that&aposs ok, with pictures like this and some songs you help me to keep his memory by my side.



  • nad

    I liked you before this Michael but now i LOVE U

  • Weird Al Yankmydick

    cue: mandolin... That&aposs me in the shower! That&aposs me in bath-room, losing my inhibition!

  • Shannon

    omg, I have always thought Michael was hot. When you are into women again, please call me, baby.

  • Hal

    FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rm

    OMG its really HIM!!! Famous rock star on here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pof

    In great shape mikey!

  • Anonymous

    Michael Stipe is the bald most beautiful and sexy in the world. I love you,Michael.

  • Janwish

    Haha thats just the greatest! Michael Stipe!

  • MO

    as far as mature guys go, i think Stipe is one of the sexiest ive ever seen, so much better than those thin hairless twinks lol!

  • veron

    I think he looks better now than when he was younger :)

  • saman

    hes the hottest older guy here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tD

    U can cum around to my bathroom wif ur iphone anytime mikey hehe ;)

  • Trikon

    This is AWESOME! Hot semi naked celeb in bathroom with other hot guys!!!!!! WOWOWOW!!!!

  • legs11

    hes the guy who made it fashionable to be geeky before it became fashionable!

  • Jez

    i adore Michael Stipe, fantastic artist and sexy with it too ;-)

  • Anonymous

    you all are kidding right....a joke..he is not Hot..boring as hell...

  • lemonbelly

    Michael I love your work, you&aposre a true artist =)

  • OO

    whoa thats amazing!

  • tellus
  • jack

    I want you.

  • leyton

    brilliant! yup defo him, but why&aposs the other guys in the bathroom too?

  • KremeKrackered

    Stipey ur jus feckin hilarious LOL!!!!

  • Real

    Michael ur my ultimate fantasy!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR POSTING UR PIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex

    I met Michael in Athens about 10 years ago at a local bar. He&aposs charming, but a sloppy drunk.

  • JL

    Deffo thats Michael, seen him live 4 gigs LOOKING GOOD!!!

  • whelan

    some might say this is contraversial or whatnot but i think its waaaaayyyy cool that a hottie celeb like Stipe posts his pics up here, i bet theres loads of people who wouldnt even dare post their pics on line, nvm a celeb semi naked in the shower wif other men in the same bathroom - i think its fantastic - props to Michael :-) hes a superstar !

  • red

    Michael is GORGEOUS!!!!! THANK YOU FOR THE WONDERFUL PICS HERE :) xoxoxoxoxo

  • socal

    hmmm i wouldnt call him a pig just for taking a few pics in the shower :(

  • SS

    jus the coolest ever wow man freakin awesome stipe is on here luv it luv it luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thomo

    Love you Michael :*

  • REMfan

    No WAY has Michael made a fool of himself.. I think its great that he has the confidence to upload pics of himself here... totally COOL :)

  • flip

    oh Michael you made a fool of urself

    not the R.E.M. way :(

  • moral

    You are a smart person Casi.

    People that is Michael Stipe, I met him 4 times and saw him live 27 times, I should know. The man is technically bisexual despite what the tabloids and other people have told you. He never once referred to himself as gay. But like he said before, people think it&aposs either gay or straight and nothing in between. But trust me they really don&apost know.
    That&aposs most likely not his bathroom but probably one at a hotel. Considering there are other people in the same bathroom. I doubt Michael held the photo shoot in his house.

    But yes the man is completely sexy. Sexier than most guys in my eyes.

  • Marcus

    Yeah, why is the bathroom so ugly though?

    A gay man&aposs bathroom would be amazing, I imagine. At least the gays I know.

  • Johnson

    Michael i want to be ur bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • xTc

    im so totally getting off on a hottie celeb in the shower :D

  • Casi

    Great body, Michael has looked after himself and is ageing very nicely, lovely trim fit body, masculine, hairy, gorgeous!

  • Little Bill

    "They cannot see me naked..." R.E.M. "Nightswimming" LOL! :)

  • PH

    @ Jim: who says hes in his own bathroom?

  • iS

    I would totally do him :O

  • Jenson

    OMG it really IS Michael Stipe!!!! AWESOME!!!!

  • brandi

    My money is on it being Michael Stipe. What are the odds that some lookalike has equally beautiful hands? If so, sweetpea, you owe all your female fans a shot of you tugging your pants down a bit more. Taunt us with what we can&apost have pritty please

  • Jim

    Don&apost you think Michael Stipe would have a nicer bathroom?

  • Nobody U No

    How do you stay for f**king trim? Do you work out every day? Just askin&apos....

  • PH

    The tattoo on Michael is on his right hand (and cos its a mirror shot its on the left here) and its obscured with his hand on the shower curtain rail - looking at his ears, his nipples, chest hair, head shape its DEFINITELY Michael Stipe for sure!

  • Fafa

    Yup definitely Michael Stipe!

  • m.2612

    this is obviously not michael stipe. he has a tattoo on his right arm.

  • Carey

    Yay! Such an R.E.M. fan!

  • pansybradshaw

    i alwayz thot michael wud hava nicer shower than than that hmmmmm bummer

  • Jaymes

    Waaaay HoT!!

  • Narf


  • pete

    if that&aposs him then he looks good ..
    I thought he would have a geeky body.. but i like the fur ...

  • Stu

    It&aposs totally him!

  • ScottyP.

    I don&apost care who he is, I just think he&aposs hot looking with that furry body and maybe all these guys should stand in the shower together and do a group shot.

  • NAP79

    That has got to be Michael Stipe! Can anyone confirm this? Its uncanny.

  • Dude in AZ

    It&aposs the kid&aposs landlord, taking a pic on the sly.....

  • i like glasses.

  • Chris

    there are four pictures of the same bathroom, but different guys, hmmm...

  • cfb

    Why is he showering with glasses on? Oh, who cares? Pass the soap!

  • *DG*


  • JDR

    step out of the shower, get naked and snap another pic furry man....

  • Lee


  • T


  • Junkcar

    Are you serious Mr. Stipe?

  • KH

    No it isn&apost Stipe or Moby... It&aposs father Abraham! He&aposs back, he&aposs buff, he&aposs painfully gay!

  • chris

    I know, right?!
    Show us your cock.

  • artredriver

    Sure looks like Stipe.

  • K

    looking at the pic, i can tell that he and the guy in the next pic live together. yumz

  • That&aposs what I thought J - Michael is that you?

  • X


  • J


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