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July 7, 2009 - 02:22 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article

  • Joe

    I love blowing small dicks. You can do a lot more with the smaller ones. I am small and I can&apost imagine having my orgasms be any more incredible. I had a bf with a huge cock. This thing was almost a deformity. I really just got him off by hand and lotion. He said that was the most intense way for him to cum. There was no way he was getting in me with that beast either. We both lost out. So, to make a long story short.... do me...I want it to tickle my epiglotis.

  • Tim

    Ah its so tiny and cute but I love tiny dicks, they give best sex. send me more pics at please you are one sexy man. do you any day.

  • Ernesto

    you are gorgeous!!!

  • anon

    newsflash guys...[most] dicks aren&apost hard 24/7. In general, but obviously not always, the really small dicks get huge...and the really big flat dicks usually don&apost even grow..just fill up with blood and get harder.....his cock is fine.

  • talliewakker

    I think if you took that pecker and put it on an average sized body, it would look larger. It&aposs hanging from a muscular body, so it doesnt stand a chance. I have an average sized body, and am willing to take that pecker and put it on (or in) my body to test my theory!

  • The Greek

    Dear Denim:

    we are all still wondering why you havent hung yourself??? Porinchak is a name of the past.... get with it....

    Since we all know that no one in their right mind would ever sleep with you, let alone let you see them naked, you should enjoy this moment. its the closest you will ever get to a cock..... well at least a cock that isnt attached to some trucker...

    Ill just go ahead and assume that your jealousy spawns from the fact that you always wished you looked like him...

    oh and i will go ahead and attest that he got the goods.... def not

    love you danny russo! (yess russo denim).... see ya soon!!


    The Greek

  • Dave

    He looks like Frank DeFeo ( Danny (or Frank)..absolutely yummy. :)

  • Denim

    Dear Queen D.
    First of all u got the queen part right. So you are either Dan PORINCHAK (not russo) from the hilarious photo above OR Danny Deckant or whatever yer last name was... if thats the case then i think you should post yer 4" baby dick on here :)
    Course it could be Dave Nickels or whatever, in which case... just ew.
    Point being gurl, im just as grossed out by you just so you know. You didnt have the balls to say yer real name so... steriod house boy whore, baby dick whore, or wildabeast ugly wanna-be you all i can say is i wish aids worked faster :)
    ps cat pee is the new coke, take note girls

    Love Denim

  • Ryan

    You are an extremely attractive man. If you are smart and nice then you would totally be my type : ))

  • organist

    This is a gorgeous Italian stallion! Love the sideburns and the heavy beard. Hope that godlike body isn&apost roidal but I&aposll take it as it is! Only slight minus: the too-trimmed pubes. Just my opinion, many like the trait. As for the penis size: my dears, have those of you who have been so critical ever seen Michaelangelo&aposs "David"? Or any other classical statuary, or paintings? if not, I encourage you to hie yourselves to your local library. Besides, is your imagination so paltry you can&apost feel that thick thing starting to grow in your mouth as you suck on it? And, who cares how BIG it gets as you do? It will suck just as good as any of the others and the cum will likely be more than you can swallow in one sitting. Italians are VERY good at that sort of production. It&aposs all that delicious olive oil, you know. This guy is the ENTIRE package, not just a pony dick freak show. yes, we all love looking at them, but this is the guy I&aposd take over most of them any day. Danny, you can stumph MY fanny!!!!

  • Rj

    Hes a grower, not a shower. I had a boyfriend that when he was soft was only about 4 inches, but i could grow him to almost 7. Great because it was a size i could handle orally and anally.

  • There&aposs clearly a reason why he exercises.

  • Dave Thomas

    I like the full Package. Smoking bod. Don&apost worry about the PeePee size it looks good too. Good seeing something else besides a horse penis.

  • winnie

    probably my favorite guy on here so far

  • Dante

    Idiots. I bet he&aposs a grower, not a show-er.

  • lolz

    see he shows off his big arms in hopes you don&apost notice his small penis.

  • Anonymous

    OMG you are SO small i&aposm sorry. You try to comepnsate with your muscles....yikes

  • Mr. Columbus

    Sure you&aposre over 8 inches...whatever. Saying it doesn&apost make it true. We can see for ourselves. TINY dick. TINY. In a pic or in person. Trust me - same TINY dick.

  • si

    yes.. the dick looks small but nearly all dicks can shrink up when soft.. it might be huge when hard xx hot body

  • owen

    man ur cock is perfect and body is amazing.

  • Ken

    fuck your dick... love that ass.. will fuck

  • jon

    aw...big muscles...tiiiiiiny penis. over-compensation much?

  • m

    Can I take you home?

  • Karl

    This is my idea of an "Adonis" ... truly beautiful

  • .....

    that one tiny dick

  • Leroy

    IT&aposs how it rings the bell.

  • nikk

    tiny penis lol still hot

  • salloo

    i think its a perfect looking penis i have ever scene. its not the size but how one uses it. one needs to think beyond the inches i guess

  • yourmom

    WOW smallest dick everrrrrr..ew

  • smalldicklover

    mmm mmm mmm
    small dicks for sucking!

  • CHITOWN101

    This guy is clearly not hard. Leave him and his dick alone. Bitter nasty queens! He looks like a sexy Italian stud that would tear any of you bitches up.

    Wish ya&aposll good luck getting a guy like this!

  • John in Florida

    Almost too muscular, but otherwise perfect from head to toe.

  • Queen D.

    Dear Denim. Don&apost be jealous because nobody has a computer screen big enough to show your fat ass. Pity. I thought by now you would have hung yourself. Oh well, here&aposs to hoping.
    Oh, and smell like cat pee/Danny says hi.

  • Danny Russo

    Awe. Guys...just found this today! The majority of you have been so nice and i am truly flattered. I did not post this nor do I know who did. I read all your comments though. I am a grower and not a shower. Size doesn&apost matter to me but when hard I am over 8". How bout that for the size queens. If you would like to contact me my email is My name is Danny Russo. Again, thanks for the complements Im flattered. Like I said ...I did not post this and I do know who did. I am Italian and you know how us Italians are. Looks small in the pic but is larger than life in person. Thanks again for the compliments!!! Lots of love! ~Danny Russo.

  • jmz

    TRUST ME - I have seen him naked many times, and he is definitely NOT small. In fact, this picture doesn&apost do him any justice. He is actually even hotter!! You have my word...he is BEAUTIFUL and HUGE!!! :)

  • edgar

    lol thats is so funny i naver see that lol

  • Alan

    hes hott, got a booty like whoah.

  • Eric

    Given the overall package...i can work around the &aposshortcoming&apos. WOOLF!

  • MattR

    nice body mann

  • Denim

    dan porinchak... yer a fucking mess. lay off the steroids, clearly its doing unflattering things lol

  • Raina

    awwh. that&aposs cute.


    lmao, something a gym membership will never get you--a bigger dick.

  • Kassandra

    Damn that&aposs small... It&aposs too bad cause you&aposre actually very sexy.

  • Jenn

    Hot guy and great body, but unfortunately small and circumcised. Two strikes.

  • Jared


    Because it&aposs true, Lol!

  • TINY PENIS TINY PENIS TINY PENIS. Good job on fulfilling the steretotype of muscular men are compensating for something.

  • em


  • Anonymous

    I would wager a guess that most of these size queens complaining here are the type of fugly faggots that have never even been in the company of a man like this. They hangout more with the Perez Hilton types, bumping pussies and giggling.

  • KayBee

    I want this guy, give me more!

  • pete

    I see dinner is served ;)

  • n

    So small pis-pis. Like the 11th finger. No guys, it&aposs not my taste. Seriously what is hot? A nice body ye, but not penis. What is a Man without a Penis? If only Eggs. But where are his eggs?

  • Charles Edwards

    This man is hot.....shut your holes you stupid insecure size queens....go fuck your bitter old fat- ass selves.

  • Nelson

    Sooooo....Fucking hot!!! IN honor of your bravery Im posting a pic of myself nude as well! Rock it that awesome cock!!!!!

  • Yo stud, be my next cover model for my latest book!! Send me an e-mail!

  • happy_camper

    lol Rick from LA has it right...

    on a side note, couldn&apost he have gotten at LEAST a half-choad?? woulda saved everyone so much debatable time...

  • McCutcheon

    Perfect cock!

  • Anonymous

    i would be embarresed

  • rick from LA

    perfect bottom muscle boy!

  • Jeff


  • Rictor

    What a bunch of idiots! EVERYONE&aposS dick is small when soft!!!!!

  • mister

    mmmm im hard and coverd in lube! come fuck me

  • sir-suck-alot

    Totally sexy, from head to toe.

  • NAP79

    Crazy hot. Who cares if he&aposs a grower and not a shower. With a body like that, his dick only needs to be big at certain times. Incredible.

  • Anonymous

    lol, you guys, please :-)
    The guy is so cool, he doesn&apost need to show off his boner, you are not what he is excited for.
    Just the fact that he can and has tken his physic to this level places him in a level beyond...only to be admired from affar by ...

  • GD

    I still can&apost get over this picture. You are seriously HOTTT!!! Please post more! Email me if you like ;)

  • ass man

    everything is perfect, from head to toe

  • Wat!

    U lot are such tight b*stards seriously... I bet ur all fugly!

  • ScottyP.

    Don&apost listen to the others. your perfect from top to bottom. Definately husband material. Are you available?

  • Patrick

    I&aposll take 2, do you have a brother? NICE

  • jasonboyz06

    a real man&aposs body,,totally hot..and the first man to post a pic without hard on.. natural state, very sexy

  • Mikhail

    Hey Hey Hey! He could be a Grower not a shower!Ok? I think he is fucking HOT!

  • 192hprk

    Man, you are delicious! Great body and COCK! ;)

  • casey

    wow. all you obnoxious size queens better be hung to your knees, you losers. this is a HOT man, that is a HOT dick, and the rest of you can go to hell. judgmental queens are one of the ugliest part of gay life. you&aposre pathetic.

    man in the iPhone: you are HOT.

  • Randy

    I like the entire package

  • scotty

    Beautiful everything, from the face to the great cock! Thanks for sharing!

  • Anonymous

    Very very very very nice to your great body. Don &apost be shy of the great body!!!!!!!!

  • Eric69x


  • hahaha

    nice gut lol

  • tonedans

    lets just hope your a grower and not a show-er!!

  • touchmonkey

    This is your dick. This is your dick on steroids... any questions?

  • Marco

    Where have you been all my life?
    Real MAN, more pics, pleace
    I need more, more, more

  • davidn

    you fuckers is everything about size? here is this beautiful man and all you talk about is his dick size. he bravely shows everything and everyone critiques his dick. looks like he is pretty thick when he is erect... and that bod is just super sexy and perfect.

  • shadow

    OMFG thats a litle thing

    sh^# i need a drink

  • Nelson

    omg! To the omg! So fucking hot! I want to ride you reverse cowgirl!

  • E

    You have a beautiful body. Thank you for sharing it.

  • ba

    wtf ?
    is so hot
    i like , i want u

  • M!



  • J_J

    Damn hot man!!!!!!!

  • I really am digging this guy. He should hit me up ;-)

  • Dave so cute!

  • GD

    OMG, you are so HOTTTTTTTTTT!!! Do me NOW please!?!?!? ABS-olutely GORGEOUS!!!

  • AJay

    Luv is tiny piece! Huge turn on 4 me;-)

  • Mr Parker...

    OMG! Stud Perfection!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You...

  • tomas

    love the tight shape of the pubis and then that leeetle bitty belly sticking out - sooo sexy!

  • Josh

    Dude! Perfection. Sweet! Would love to see that in all its glory. Or anger...heh. Hot pic, thanks for sharing.

  • Anonymous

    Wow!!! What a hot body...maybe he&aposs a grower... it all looks good though

  • David


  • BR

    little pinga....LOL

  • j

    your cute but you better be a grower cause your not a shower

  • Tony

    You are gorgeous! Very lickable!

  • GJO


  • Jeff

    holy shit man, CAN YOU PLEASE email me.. i have submitted my pics on here but they haven&apost shown up yet?? i wonder how long they take?! anybody know? anyways, my email is jeff.davis87@gmail ... i got some pics you&aposd like to see (that is, if you&aposre into other big muscular dudes lol) completely straight acting too

  • Ernest Grainger

    Want those big arms around me!

  • rtotheY

    i&aposll take one of those please..

  • anon

    Fuck yeah... great bicep and you show your dick.. you&aposre hot dude

  • Rick

    Wow! Hot!

  • PDX

    Wow, a real man&aposs body. Nice for a change!

  • Peter

    Woof!.. where do these guys come from sure aren&apost in my town.

  • Dean

    Ain&apost that just fucking yummy? Damn.

  • rick

    I&aposm guessing at your gym there&aposs not a soft cock in the place when you&aposre there.

  • Mikey

    wow!!.....very hot picture....very hot to be on my knees for u, :)....u can email me anytime at

  • Tiny

    Hello, tiny penis.

  • Anonymous

    damn !

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