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Andy LeMaster (Now It's Overhead)

July 13, 2009 - 07:31 PM
Andy LeMaster (Now It's Overhead) on Guys with iPhones
  • seanbriefboi

    OMG- Those are some hot undies on that hot body!

  • Aris1011aris


  • shawn

    Do you guys not know who this is? he is very famous! he has a band!

  • Deano

    I love them pants, where can I buy some?? Please let me know! :-)

  • lc

    i used to sale those slim guy briefs from Jockey...i had great gaydar right there at the underwear rack, he winked at me

  • Mark

    I believe the correct term for what he is doing with the can is "shot gunning" not a beer bong. Not that I&aposve ever done either... ahem...

  • Gay Boy 101

    Sexy undies. Why dnt u take them off ??

  • Marv

    I love it

  • lam lee

    omg..i havnt seen a pair of supermAN UNDEROOS....IN YEARS!

  • Jake

    Is he getting off on the can /some kind of hidden compartment? hmmmmm.... Looks like Pepsi Looks Like RC Cola...Very hard to tell.....
    Now if the can was RED i&aposd be making Coca-Cola innuendo jokes

  • Gay Boy 101

    Sexy undies. why dont u take dem off l8r ??? :).

  • homo360

    Oh, all the angry queen remarks made here! WTF cares how old he is? He posted the damn shot....besides, some nubile bodes are certainly better than some of the tired trash that thinks he&aposs the next Runway Model!

  • lol

    he's not even 28, he's 33 now, friends.

  • rtfc

    @dixon RMFAO!!!!! "Great" advice man LOL! OK, heres a friendly tip for you...

    1) To prevent leaving inaccurate or embarrassing statements here its advisable to read the previous comments in the thread first.

    If you had you wouldnt have made the underage accusation. This is actually Andy LeMaster from the band “Now It’s Overhead” he&aposs not a kid, he is in fact 28 years old.

    So when you see him elsewhere on the site dont be too quick to judge him or his buddies having fun in the same bathroom.

    Anyway, he&aposs probably reading this so Im sure he will appreciate the other tips/advice you&aposve left for him LOL!

  • dixon

    this is fucking gross!!! he is a kid and should not be on this site(at all) kid if your reading this you need to take time to grow have no idea whats out here in this adult here are a few tips to help you STAY ALIVE,AIDS FREE. 1)ONLY DATE PEOPLE YOUR AGE 2)ALWAYS USE A CONDOM. 3) TRY CIRCLE JERKING WITH YOUR FRIENDS, YOUR AGE. 4) EVEN IF YOU SUCK SOME DICK USE FLAVORED CONDOMS. remember this for ever , and get the fuck off this site you have no place here !!!!

  • yaya

    Damn cute n sexy and i luv your music Andy!!!!

  • Chris

    Stop your bitching it&aposs Andy LeMaster he&aposs 28

  • Breakfast

    LOL, actually these sets of Stipe&aposs bathroom pictures are the artwork for the next R.E.M. album "Barely Legal"

  • X

    This should be deleted. Under age pictures shouldn't be allowed on these sites!

    GWiP: He is of legal age. Please refer to this post.

  • radiohead

    i want those under

  • DJ

    HOT HOT HOT... Very similar to my body type and I&aposm 24 and latin. This is so hot, wish I could hit that! Wish I could see under those undies!

  • NAP79

    I don&apost know if it could get anymore gross than this one. At least Catholic priests can get their jollies with this alter boy.

  • Jake Ryan

    I mean... calm down everybody.

    He&aposs quite of age.

    For the record, he&aposs the lead singer of Now It&aposs Overhead.

  • Chad

    there&aposs that bathroom again...

  • Jon

    He&aposs not twelve. I have the same type of body and by the part of his face i can see i&aposd say 20-22, and he&aposs hot as fuck.

  • Dave

    Are those the "Spiderman" underoos.

  • bb

    nice undies :)

  • Jared Bradford


  • Ms Mary

    What a frat boy - beer bong for the iPhone. Puh-leeze... funnels are where it&aposs at!

  • Chase

    Do your parents know what you&aposre doing! OMG - what are you 12! This should be deleted!

  • Thomas


  • mitchum

    what&aposs with the can?

  • Ed

    What is he doing in this picture????

  • ScottyP.

    Isn&apost he a little young to be on here? How old is he?

  • Evan

    Damn, Michael Stipe and his bf are freaky a new guy every day. He looks 13 though....gross!

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