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Andy LeMaster & Thomas Dozol

July 13, 2009 - 07:41 PM
Andy LeMaster & Thomas Dozol on Guys with iPhones
  • dylan

    It&aposs obviously Andy LeMaster on the left and Thomas Dozol on the right. You can tell it&aposs Dozol on the right cause of his bracelet. It&aposs in his solo pic as well :P

  • Jake Ryan

    Jak... add about 15 years to your estimate of 12, and you&aposll have the actual age of the person pictured here.

    He&aposs the lead singer of an amazing band called Now It&aposs Overhead.

    Calm it down a notch.

  • ww

    OMG its the same place HERE!!!!!!!! (NSFW)

  • milo

    that or he is having lots of fun

  • Duh! Haven&apost you guys figured this out yet? It&aposs a setup!!! This bathroom has appeared in countless pics here.

  • Jak

    Oh, crap: there&aposs acutally two guys, both about 12, and they are in the same bathroom as the Michael Stipe photos.

    Not cool.

  • serviceboy84

    it&aposs his house boy.

  • Robert

    This bathroom and Michael Stipe were blogged about on Perez Hilton:

  • Nate

    This looks like mr stipes bathroom again lol

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