Guys With iPhones

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July 13, 2009 - 10:12 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Joerg

    I'm scared....

  • Buffalo Bill

    It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.

  • fantapants

    id love to bury my face in those thighs..

  • M

    Haha! Great pic!


    I dont care if its a guy,a girl or a tranie,I would fuck this one looks like a great fuck!

  • Gabe

    Guys I think this is Michael Stipe&aposs boyfriend, and he&aposs being freaky for the lolz. It was your comments that made me LOL though. XD

  • Fuk-u-shima

    The song that should be attached to this is "Goodbye Horses" by Q Lazzarus. This is the Buffalo Bill dancing song in the Lamb movie.

  • euevoce

    I&aposm hearing "Goodbye Horses" playing in the back ground here.

  • Roger

    Who ate all the Pecan Sandies?

  • Ry

    the scariest thing i saw this halloween LOL!

  • I am grateful you posted something like this. I am now much aware about the things i need to do and what to keep in mind.

  • the man

    can someone please text it and ask for a rear shot?

  • Ajo

    Let me twist those nipples hard enough to make that cock fly out from between your buckled legs

  • Nate

    This is my fav ever on here. Sorry I only visit for the funny ones. This one and Chuck E Cheese are the best.

  • Anonymouse

    I&aposd hit that.... With my Car!!

  • lam lee

    .......I was wondering where Michele Kwan dissapeared to..........i guess this is what happens after the "RUSH" of competition wears off!

  • LotV

    Serial killer in training

  • chex88

    that guy is tucking in his balls between his legs!

  • Leighton

    haha this post if fing hilarious

  • weirdos

    what is up with these canisters . . . sofa king weird and creepy. smh

  • Anonymous

    i love it. im not turned on by it, but i think its funny.

  • isaac

    Oh my God my eyes!!!!

  • Tim

    This pic couldn&apost be anymore disturbing if he was eating a baby.

  • Charlie

    looks kinda sexy to me..

  • dean winchester

    you look like a girl with facial hair and no tits

  • Neil

    the horror man! the horror!

  • bdguy

    poor thing!

  • ian

    hahahahahahahahaha it puts the lotion in the basket

  • Steve

    IF ONLY he had a six pack stomach, perfect hair and took the picture in his bathroom.

  • monkey

    hands down the best pic ever posted here, maybe even on the whole internets.

  • organist

    Could this have been a product of the Michael Stipe self-induced photo spread thing? Those mysterious yellow containers again? Is Michael&aposs sense of humor kinking up a bit? Does one laugh, cry, call for the medics or Social Services? Bizarro World.

  • InOsent

    @Not Available: HAHA! Lighten up will ya? Its just a party and a few rockin musicians having a laff LOL!!!!!

  • Not Available

    Hate this shit. Very disturbing.

  • godiegogo

    everyone was too busy looking at his tucked in dick that the cowboy boots went unoticed :( lol

  • Maria

    Be Nice to the cunt

  • Hammsta


  • scorpion

    oh no i feeling sick bad bad

  • Ken Schwencke

    It rubs the lotion on its skin. It does this whenever it is told.

  • Samantha

    Weird.... just weird

  • GRid86

    hey Podfinger it IS a guy and it IS an iPhone... take a look at the rest of the series of pics and you will see he's a famous musician at a party with Michael Stipe here , here , here , here and here too..! :)

  • ScottyP.

    If you&aposre his bitch then what do you do , bump pussys? If he was brave enough to post the pic then he should&aposnt need his bitch to get all hot and bothered over it. Maybe you need to put the lotion on, Bitch!

  • Anonymous

    would you fu@k me??
    id fu@k me, Id fu@k me hard

  • Jeff

    Man that is funny shit. Now put the lotion in the basket lol

  • Guy with the retouched pic

    "I see dead people"

  • tweezel


  • Matt

    that is sick sick sick,i&aposm gonna throw up in my bathroom now

  • Dave

    Dear "his bitch", be nice, clearly this photo has a humored edge. Smile with the comments good or bad. But getting angry and insulting the the other people on this site is just silly.

  • haha

    its hidden beneath his paunch LOL!

  • udo

    Does anyone know whats in the yellow things?

  • his bitch

    just to let you all know, this guy has a bigger dick than any of the other fucks on this site. HE&aposS TUCKING IT, and making fun of YOUUU, simple bitches.
    think of it as a shout out to all the attention craving pre-teens that frequent the site....not to mention you sick fucks that hit refresh every 15 minutes so eager to reply.

  • Anonymous

    ew, trany on the lose.

  • yes

    if this who i think it is, this guy is fucking hilarious. great work man! hahahahahaha.

  • D

    i thought this site is called "guyswithiphones"? not chicks with small dicks. you ugly troll. vomits*

  • humguydl

    haha that would suck to post this pic and get this kind of feedback. but still, gross.

  • Helen Bach

    Its a MYSTERY!!!

  • Jared

    OMFG! I&aposm crying from all of these comments, Bwahahahahahahhahahaha!

  • kayse

    your my favorite guy with an iphone by far. btw this is one of ani&aposs best buds... haha!

  • w

    HAHA! Brilliant! I just love the different and original poses on here just LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  • Michael Jackson

    That looks like a childs penis mmmmm

  • AJay

  • leatherdaddy69

    i would shit right on that thing&aposs chest. i don&apost care what it is. right the fuck on it.

  • Mike


  • I&aposm scared he&aposs gonna make a cap outta my right buttocks cheeck ="/

  • Anono-mouse

    Seriously the yellow thingies are creepin me out... what the hell are they? Oh yeah and little creepy dude, there is a Silence Of The Lambs meets molested kid thing going on here... This site has officially gone from entertaining to creepy with this one photo.

  • marc

    left me speechless in a creeped out kind of way

  • Dude in AZ

    Oh, my!
    So THIS is where rejected submissions to Lurid Digs end up!

  • Aldon

    Hahaha. Apparently we were all thinking the same thing. Silence of the Lambs / Joe Dirt.

  • Anonymous

    would you do me? I&aposd do me...



  • very &aposSilence Of the Lamb&apos lol

  • Mark

    The Crying Game

  • Alex r

    Please GWIP, keep this crap off of here, this site is getting bombed by dumb comments and pics like this

  • Anonymous


  • Richard Shambles

    Oh Matt Nelson of A. Armada you didn&apost. I didn&apost know it was that kind of party.

  • nyc10021

    Nice man-gina!


    Goodbye hoooorses, I&aposm crrryyyiiing over yooouuuuu, I&aposm crying, lying, dying over yooouuuuu...

  • insayne

    im more disturbed by those yellow thingies...

  • davidn

    makes me think of silence of the lambs

  • tolly

    HAHA weird!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jalan

    Freaky but i like it :O

  • Dave

    I support the rights of all gay,lesbian and transgender persons. But Yuck.

  • JK

    HAHA! Brilliant!!

  • kris


  • paco

    someone Mushy Fartone would date.

  • Hal

    hey babe u need to shave!

  • Randy

    That looks like some seriously TITE bagina!

  • jalan

    its the bearded lady RUN!!!!

  • milo

    ah man open your legs and be proud of your manhood hanging

  • Ms Mary

    Creepy, it&aposs a little "Silence of the Lambs"

  • Joshua

    OMG at first glance I thought this was a girl! He should seriously think about becoming a tranny!

  • Buffalo Bill

    Oh I see someone already typed something about that lol...

  • Buffalo Bill

    Does anyone notice that he has the same yellow containers in the background that were in Michael Stipe's bathroom?! Must be the same group....eating mushrooms or something...

  • Just me

    I think he&aposs very sexy you guys are all mean

  • Cory

    da fuck...
    it&aposs GUYS with iphones, not preop trannies with iphones.

  • Anonymous


  • requiredname

    this guy has that yellow container things that Michael Stipe keeps in his bathroom too... why??

  • ScottyP.

    There&aposs something so totaly disturbing about this shot. Step into the light so we can be sure that&aposs not a pussy.

  • Mr Sample

    It rubs the lotion on it&aposs skin, or else it gets the hose again!

  • Buffalo Bill

    Wuldya help me get this in my van?

  • JON


  • Buffalo Bill

    Would you fu@k me? I&aposd fu@k me!

  • rjakes

    white socks and boots ... now thats class

  • David


  • suckologist

    Very disturbing!

  • mitchum

    you should have picked up the dirty laundry first

  • Clarice

    It puts the lotion in the basket.

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