Guys With iPhones

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July 21, 2009 - 02:22 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Don Schmidgall

    Hot furry body!

  • John

    Closer would be better but not so bad

  • john p

    He has a, what looks like, medtronic insulin pump attached to him! The first sexy photo i&aposve seen with one:)

    I wear an insulin pump too and I&aposm happy to report that my bf is trained to remove it at the "right times".

  • John - Sheffield

    Wanna join you in shower mate. Very sexy... Whichever room you are in!!

  • organist

    Oh, yes, this is SO cool!! The YELLOW THINGIES! What are they? ET, phone home.
    This kid is luscious. @honeyno: I hope your "ewwwwwww" is intended toward hairiness that is a turnoff for you. If it&aposs because the kid is wearing an insulin pump, I&aposm not going any further for fear I would say something that would be so devastating GWiP wouldn&apost allow it. God bless him! He&aposs right out there, doesn&apost give a shit who sees.
    He will have that for life. I think anyone who dares criticize, or feel repelled, has a serious issue within themselves to resolve. But, that&aposs not what the site is for. I shall lighten up and once more comment on this guy&aposs wonderful furriness:yummy, yummy, yummy in the tummy!

  • hee

    I really wanna visit that bathroom, it looks like a lotta fun!!!!

  • ScottyP.

    Here we go with the bathroom again. Love the guy&aposs hairy body. Don&apost care what he&aposs got stuck to him

  • FAN

    Michael Stipe has an amazing sense of humor to post the pictures, lighten up everyone :)

  • olly

    First, I dont think this guy is in REM but anyway even if he was I still think their music from the past has been great!!!!!!!

  • Sammy

    I think its hilarious these pics, I mean cummon&apos these guys are having a laugh thats all!

  • uratwat

    to i-used-to-be : so you just happen to be looking at a site with naked/semi naked men and this influences your musical choices somehow? hmm oh well

  • Cousin Bleh

    You&aposre losing interest in REM&aposs music because of these silly pictures? Really? How about because they haven&apost produced a decent album in 10 years.

  • I-used-be-a-huge-fan

    the yellow thingy must be on the jacket album for upcoming REM&aposs, Im fucking losing interest in REM&aposs music by looking at those fucking yellow stuff & fucking hookers or whoever they might be!!!

  • cockwise

    Isn´t he Conor Oberst from Bright Eyes?

  • g

    this bathroom is little bit ccrowded! :-D

  • nettsu

    Now what I&aposm curious about is does everybody who takes a photo in michael stipe&aposs bathroom have their own iphone or are they sharing one iphone?

  • Drake

    but the yellow containers have shown up in other rooms...the closet area with the guy with his dick pulled between his legs

  • ray

    You have a nice show man love it all the way man

  • Anon

    Ok the yellow containers need to stop! If you&aposre not gonna explain them to us, just leave them out of the pics! We can recognize those fugly tiles without them.

  • Glen


  • Jak

    Stipe&aposs bathroom get&aposs WAAAAAY more action than I do...

  • HoneyNo


  • Control6

    The thing stuck to his stomach is an insulin pump!

  • George

    This guy looks very familiar!!!!

  • MS

    @crispy : Maybe its the guys that are rented by the hour? LOL!

  • Cousin Bleh

    So do they rent this bathroom out by the hour?

  • Jeff

    is that a condom stuck to his stomach?? LOL

  • pixie

    my fave of this series has got to be LOL .....

  • Anonymous

    CUTE :)

  • Jan

    Mmmm hot and hairy i likey!!!

  • cullen

    i think its andys boy friend?

  • Ferdie

    YES! its that SAME bathroom!

  • Anonymous

    Stipes&apos bathroom is at it again

  • Nico

    Is it another band member?

  • Jean

    Its the Michael Stipe bathroom right???

  • Carocelle


  • haha

    OMG its those yellow can thingies again!!!!!

  • RC

    Hot hairy little fucker! YUM!

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