Guys With iPhones

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July 21, 2009 - 04:23 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • KK

    it looks like one hell of a party, shotguning and swapping pants, hehe, i like the sound of that hehe :)

  • mikeycuntz

    @mikel i wont call u stupid but.... it looks like he&aposs shot gunning a beer (a bud light if im not mistaken) just like the other guy who he swapped underwear with (@red your totes right) was doing in the other pic... shotgunning means to put a hole in the side of a beer and slurping after u open the top whole so it all gushes down your throat in one shot

  • Mikel

    Call me stupid, but why is he holding a soda can over the other half of his face? Did I miss something...?

  • Red

    @charlotte: Disagree with you, 1) Hair color is different 2) Happy trail different 2) Nipples different 3) Ear shape different 4) Wrist bands

    Make a comparison and you will see they have swapped pants... and

  • charlotte

    They didn&apost swap pants... it&aposs the same guy. That first pic his hair is a little longer and unbrushed. Same body type, same happy trail, same guy.

  • Thi

    Michael Stipe please invite me to your bathroom.

  • ted

    LOL! thats so cool, swapping pants haha!!!!!!

  • Fudge

    and poses! haha

  • cockwise

    now they are sharing underpants....

  • paul

    that bathroom sure is a slut... who will be next?

  • Ray

    you look good with the phone man love it man your a good looking dude man

  • keep it moist

    im jealous, 24 sandy eggo, holler mylamblover@GMAIL.COM

  • daxwhaxd

    I love it.

    they&aposre swapping underpants!

  • moby

    I guess Michael Stipe has nothing else to do these days but get together with his friends and post pg pics on this site....make some new music already K?

  • suckologist

    Is it a requirement that you have to take a pic with your iPhone whe you visit Michael Stipe?

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