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July 31, 2009 - 12:02 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • rarr-er...


  • Jayson

    you really are very very goodlooking

  • Capt. Crunch

    You are incredibly cute! :)

  • Whoelse

    Seems like you are enjoying the attention, baby.

  • jax

    totally totally totally cute.

  • organist

    very, very, very cool dude. love the glasses. would also love me a sexy, hot Asian guy. Never had one. Always wanted one. They have the most beautiful, soft silky pubes if they don&apost commit the heinous crime of shaving them. Nice!

  • Will

    Dude i just wanna hold you so cute

  • Linus

    SnoopyXLinus, sure.. you can add me on msn if you want..

  • SnoopyXLinus you. am in singapore as well. any chance to meet up?

  • Linus

    GJ, top floor :)

    Woodlake, am Singaporean actually.. hehe..

    Jake, hahaha.. sure thing..

  • arden

    marry me!!

  • Linus

    Max, am in Shanghai on holiday.. I return to Singapore on Monday.. hehe..

  • Woodlake from 中国

    I guess he&aposs in CHINA.
    The sign is written in Chinese.

  • Jack

    Give us more! You are hot!

  • loi

    cute like fun

  • gj

    witch floor?

  • hahahahahah

    i think it&aposs Korea.

  • max

    where are you in china? (i noticed the elevator sign)

  • Monkey

    I love you.

  • Linus

    Thanks guys! :)

  • fotobear

    man, you are handsome!

  • CJ

    So very cute, and the fuzzy face and the slight pout ... very adorable!

  • kainoa


  • terry


  • xOx

    i like asian!!!!

  • LA

    cute, i like the lil face fur :)

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