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July 31, 2009 - 08:20 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • alex

    yummy papi

  • Dany

    Exxxcellent... in all ways...

  • j

    I would love too suck you dry!

  • Lincoln

    Are you ever in Chicago?

  • Hannah

    wow ;) szép test :)

  • tazz_mann

    simply flawless

  • cristiano

    wow sehr lecker:-)ich hoffe dir kennezulernen:-)

  • Devin

    Nice body but it looks like you&aposre taking a shit.

  • mmamam

    omg i will want to fuck you till day!!!!

  • Jab

    One of the hottest pics on gwip! I can stare all day long

  • lickit

    has anyone noticed the e-mail in corner of pic?

  • touchmonkey

    Perfection has been attained, you can close this site now.

  • Rk

    I want you, so, so, so very bad!

  • koinrokka

    hot!! must say i agree with the comments above - want you to squat like that on my face, stud!

  • Rusty

    Nice body, small peen.

  • Scooter

    Ur right lickit... this guy would be the perfect bottom to bouce around.


    Uh Uh, I LIKE!! add me:

  • gregory Schmidt

    fucking hot dude!

  • milo


  • Ricko

    Delicious-That&aposs all that needs said.

  • S

    Love your mid section.

  • Jared

    Very hot & sexy indeed.
    Would love to have you in that position riding my cock.

  • Tony

    Yumm... Great body, nice cock, and love those balls. Hope to see more of you :-)

  • Tony

    Papi! estás rebueno!

  • SFG

    Great Body and Dick...

  • lickit & stickit

    I think its heaven for top guys

  • Greg

    Nothing hotter than a slender guy with a small dick! Love small cock!

  • JJ

    Nice artistic way to exhibiit a small pee pee

  • rick

    you are beautiful and perfect and I may make you my religion!

  • Stevey

    Holy shit this is the hottest boy on this website no contest! I would do unspeakable things to him! He has the perfect body, almost too good to be true. GWiP needs to dedicate a section on the site just to him! I am so hard!

  • ScottyP.

    Which should I do first. Suck it or slide onto it?

  • luigimail

    damn boy, come over and squat on my cock!

  • Don Alan

    Wow, like single sigit body fat. Congratulations on your hard work paying off. Now I&aposm only used to seeing guys in that position when I&aposm under them, but I&aposll let it slide this time (down my throat).

  • K

    that&aposs a very good body u have there! keep it up!

  • mike

    ok...I&aposm hard!

  • his abs are amazing!!

  • AJay

    I usually dnt like smooth guys.......but this 1&aposs body is TRÉS hot!

  • allalll

    fucking wonderful - i love you

  • AussieBum

    Come sit like that over my face!!

  • Edgar

    id like to sit on that. :)

  • Jacen

    beautiful body

  • J


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