Guys With iPhones

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July 31, 2009 - 09:15 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • moose86


  • Michel


  • Speechlezzz

    That&aposs the thing about curved dycks, you can&apost always see how long they are, because they&aposre typically photo&aposd @ an angle. I&aposm impressed; that mushroom dyck-head looks like something I could have for dinner! Bon&apos appetit!

  • Anonymous add me to msn. Damn you sexy!!

  • Kai

    nice front now turn around and let me fuck

  • L Frost

  • afrowonder


  • anonymous86

    damnn...instant wetness!

  • G.S.Brown

    You are so hott!!
    I love looking at you.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Give me a call ASAP 1-800-HOT-COCK !!!

  • why you hiding your face?

  • Anonymous

    Now, now~gordon are you cyber stalking! By your choice to argue with a stranger and defend another, you must be ugly, old, and all alone tonight! BYe~BYe

  • Gordon

    @guy in photo: BEAUTIFUL!

    @rick from la: Look closer - it&aposs curved!
    P.S. FUCK OFF!

  • Randy

    I am in Melbourne Australia would love to get a cock like that deep inside me! Any takers?

  • Scott

    would love to swallow that cock!

  • pistaxe

    nice, this big...

  • YoungOne

    mmmmmm, chocolate

  • Skerzle

    Beat me with that blunt object!

  • Danny

    Nice thick head. I would love to wrap my lips around it and SUCKK

  • ScottyP.

    They must call you "The Choker". That is fantastic! You really got it goin on. I bet they scream when you push it in.

  • rick from LA

    this is the 1st black guy I&aposve seen with a lil&apos one in comparsion to others&apos.
    but a cutie!

  • Anonymous

    damn his head is fucken THICK!

  • kevin

    damn dude...hit me up Nice choclate here for u

  • No_Doubt

    NICE....get @ me

  • ww

    Nice. Thanks man.

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