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July 31, 2009 - 09:15 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Anonymous

    Hey Jamie, where ya been lately? Haven&apost seen any new pics.

  • hmmmm rly?

    who r u johnny knoxville? lol like it tho

  • 民高

    so hot!

  • kittyboots

    hey sexy!

  • Alex

    LOVE YOU JAMIE!!! You are gorgeous!

  • steven

    email me

  • Dev

    mmmmm sexy

  • <3

    Did you cut your hair?!?!

  • JT

    OK... So, yeah, you are cute; no doubt about it. BUT... ok, not buts... i was about to start hatin&apos but can&apost. Maybe you are GWiP&aposs first reality superstar! HA! Enjoy your 15 minutes, hottie!!

  • s22

    hot! :P

  • Wheels

    Nicely put Judge!

  • K

    hey good lookin pls post more pics :)

  • eLf

    im certainly not getting sick or tired of seing this guy i think hes got an amazing range of looks and hes hot i wanna see more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ant

    @Judge Judy : LOLS! Nice one! Now I vote that we have MORE HOT PICS like this one!!!

  • Judge Judy

    The reality is this (if you haven&apost worked it out already). People who post their pics online will have a predilection towards narcissism or the attributes of a poseur - so what? There isn&apost anything wrong with that - in fact its just perfect for those type of people who like to look, watch and criticize.

    Unfortunately it&aposs a sad reflection that there seems to be a few haters here, who obviously can&apost get over the fact that there are some hot and beautiful guys who post their pictures here.

    Basically, if you can&apost get over the fact there are hot good looking guys here then you need to go elsewhere. Period.

    Or to put in the vernacular that you&aposre more likely to understand. Just SHUT UP AND FUCK OFF!

  • David

    This is adorable. But we wanna see the cock already! I surely wanna see it so bad, I don&apost care what size it is I just wanna see it

  • I&aposm a bad boy!

    E; you cunt load of shit! How the fuck is he a fucking poser if he changes his look? No one has the same fucking look forever! You probably wear the same fucking outfit everday becouse you cant get off the computer typeing fucking fucked up critisumon peoples looks. change is fun becouse it&aposs not boring! wow did I say fuck alot LOL. Dude in picture you rock!

  • F

    thats exactly what he is E a poser.. and a narcissist. The sad part is, its not that great.

  • Drew

    Best one yet

  • Steven

    Sexy soft body! I&aposll love to hug you! I really really feel like looking in the pants!!

  • E

    Your not madonna. Find a look a just go with it. I&aposm getting the impression you might be a poser.

  • cowpietosser

    reminds me of a cowpolk i once polked....

  • Anonymous

    Love it

  • AJay

    I diggz the cowboy look. Trés hot!

  • Jay

    he&aposs got a little one : x

  • Control6

    I am OVER this dude. Mighta said that already, but.. seriously.

  • GOD

    loves it.

  • No Wig!

    Much better without the grandma/emo hair! Hot!

  • shabob

    pornstar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol its an ok pic lol..........

  • ScottyP.

    Dude, you just keep reinventing yourself. If you bring that into a relationship you must be fun to be around. Looks good, prefer the more scruffy look. Would still love to see the goods. Keep showing!

  • Jamie slater FAN

    Sexyest cowboy alive! Super hot body! (:

  • AsSeenOnTv

    Honey, cowboy you ain&apost. I live in the land of real cowboys and they&aposd laugh at you.

  • Bill

    Everytime I come to this site I see a picture of you. I feel like I&aposm stuck in the movie Groundhog Day.

  • scb0i

    looks whos back. nice look..

  • p4ul

    BEST guy on gwi .

  • Mike

    That must be one bright, open-range bathroom.

  • KT

    when you taking your clothes completely off?

  • mike

    yippee kai yeh!

  • K

    hello there sexy cowboy, wanna go for a ride? ;)

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