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July 31, 2009 - 09:15 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Tache7

    Promising briefs or tangas or pouch - army camo

  • jorge

    great can we meet?

  • This is basically, my perfect, ideal guy.

  • Jimmy Jessex

    Nick, love to see more of the tats.. I get shit for the Carbuncle tattoo on my leg all the time ;). Jimmy Jessex

  • Justin

    I love ur flower tattoo. YUM!

  • Ryan

    Dan R. Gross!

  • Edin

    Very hott pic Nick i&aposm in Central jersey i would love to play with u.

  • Vincent

    Nick you sir are one hot electronic buff and would love to play TF2 with/against you lol, though I just think interacting with awesome guys simply awesome in its own right. What games have you tested if you dont mind my asking?

  • Gurgle

    ooh a game tester? a mate of mine was a game tester not too sure how that worked, but i myself have beta tested some online games which i guess isnt anything special! But i suck at xbox!

  • Gurgle

    He is hot, minus the minging jock strap, yuk!

  • Nick

    strictly top here sir, so you won&apost be fucking anything but your fist.

  • Love to throw those thighs over my shoulders and watch that cute face while I fuck him .

  • organist

    I think he&aposs FANTASTIC! not my type, I wouldn&apost be able to carry on an intelligent conversation with him, but FANTASTIC! Gutsy. individual--not many on this site can say that with confidence I&aposll bet. He&aposs the kind of guy most of you who think he&aposs off-the-wall will be working for some day. Ah, sweet revenge! So many nerdy geeks have been able to have it. Let&aposs see....hmmm..... I recall Bill Gates.....uh....Steve Jobs.......get it, dopes?

  • vinnie

    Very cute....maybe well run into each other on xbl..GoGo fiasco725

  • Nick

    I am a beta tester for video games, I get paid to play them, I also compete competitively in tournaments for large sums of money, that is why i play them so much. And as for the people who think i photoshoped it, I will take another picture with more detail so you can see the screen ok? who cares anyway?

  • PL

    WOW!!!!! NICE!!!!

  • NAP79

    This picture has sparked one of my favorite discussions so far. Though why a hot young guy would spend so much time wanking over fucking videos games is beyond me. Nevertheless all these self-righteous pussies who harbor this disdain for "trashy" websites are the same losers who can&apost get laid on Manhunt with a picture of their tattered old asshole in the profile.

  • Ballsy, do you seriously think you&aposre the only one who could tell? Please give your peers more credit. I take "trashy" as a compliment cos I dun see why else you&aposd be patronising GWiP.

  • Ballsy

    Totally photoshopped the phone in. Hello, all his fingers are on the back of the phone. How would he press the button to take the picture? And is the phone just floating in air? Are boys really that desperate to get on this trash site?

  • Tony

    @nick where in NNJ? maybe we can wacth old cartoons when im out next tigris.ardor@gmail

  • ExoBlack

    MMM..yummy. The fact Heifer is on your monitor is even more sexy. ;)

    Awesome Tool reference tattoo. I&aposm finally seeing Tool inless than 5 days.

  • Nick

    well, i am live in nnj, and no i dont take shit from little girls that like to flame bait people over the internets, you can be the internet tuffguy all you want, you dont scare me, i can shit talk with the best of them

  • AussieBum

    @Nick...You seem like such a cool guy! Thanks for posting! Oh, and I&aposm glad to see that you don&apost take shit from people who can&apost keep their mouths shut. I hope that you continue to post pics of your hot self! Also, thanks for sharing about your!

  • 2cute

    omg, its like my biggest &aposbest-friend&apos fantasy. can i stop by later and play some games?

    "...i just have big hands..." yum.

  • Henry

    Lmao is it weird that the first thing I noticed was Rocko&aposs Modern Life?? Love that show!

  • Nick

    no i dont play wow, i play xbox live, only computer games i play are counter strike, team fortress 2, and Fallout 3, and its not shopped, i just have big hands.

  • Mikey

    why am i the only one that sees this is shopped?? the phone is floating in his hands??!?!!?! and a lil trim wouldnt kill you :)

  • Glen


  • Jacen

    you&aposre hot and don&apost let anybody tell you otherwise. If I had you with me right now....we&aposll just leave it at that

  • Jared

    Not my type at all, but I&aposm totally feeling you!

  • Anonymous

    Very hot

  • Ritchie Rich

    Hiya, Nick. You rock, dude!

  • rikard

    i don&apost think so, cringe!

  • @Nick I would love to let you have your way with me. Such a hard on for geeky boys with tatts

  • JT

    Really? Are you sure you don&apost play WOW?

  • Nick

    the one on my leg is a spiral spine, an homage to Alex Grey and the band Tool, and I also have a 3 quarter sleeve of flowers, and i also have another alex grey tat on my actual spine, between my shoulder blades, and two more tats on my other leg, one of Sonic the hedgehog in his"super sonic form(golden sonic)" and some skulls that are spewing smoke on the other side.

  • AussieBum

    @Nick...I think you are hot and have the balls to post a picture (two actually) of yourself here. FUCK what those loser asshats think and say. They only wish they were half as hot as you! I&aposd really like to know what your ink is (if you don&apost mind sharing)?

  • davew

    @Noodles: My boipussy is lubed up and ready to go thanks, and I only drink Russky Standart vodka :) Just offering some constructive criticism to help this young man on his way to hotness. Talking of which - SMILE! And the world smiles with you...

  • Nick

    its not sponge bob you douche its Rocko&aposs Modern life, and no I don&apost play world of warcraft, I am a video editor and designer you twunt, and my room is a little messy cause i gave your mom the night off so she could stay home to breast feed you. as for the rest of you thank you for the compliments

  • TheRealTony

    You&aposre hot as fuck!!

  • luvcok

    forget what they write your still cute

  • beau kner

    check out sponge bob on the monitor

  • Alex

    I&aposd definitely eat him up! Don&apost listen to them be proud of your quirks ^_^

  • kaylee

    Nice post! Probably the cutest geek. EVER. I have the same legs, and i look good in jocks, but i dont look great in those either. Nice boxers though :)

  • sigmatau

    Probably nothing a little Dial soap, a housekeeper and some new underwear couldn&apost fix.

  • raul1188

    all that aside, he&aposs kinda cute.

  • Noodles

    Davew&aposs just frustrated because his boipussy crusted over from being too poor to afford real vodka and drinking listerine instead...kitty is scratchy when she can&apost get her nip on...

  • Jeff

    You Are Hot.

  • Yeah what davew said ! Haha. You&aposre still a hawtie though !

  • suckologist

    What&aposs that tattoo on your leg big guy?

  • ScottyP.

    Dude, don&apost listen to them! Good start keep takin it off. I don&apost care about the background.

  • jellyfilled

    i like it

  • what-a-dick a douche aren&apost you? I&aposm pretty certain that what you think are lights are actually electronics cables. As for the Snapple, I may be mistaken, but he MAY be drinking it? The jock...some people like them. Stop being a bitch and go look at your dumbass in the mirror and judge.

  • bc

    sexy cqamo thing .big boy. love hairy pits

  • Bill

    Shouldn&apost you be playing World of Warcraft instead?

  • davew

    Sweetie, where do we start? Christmas was eight months ago, you can take down the fairy lights now. Bin the Snapple bottle. Lose the camouflage jock. Then you&aposll be on the way!

  • J

    woo rocko&aposs modern life :D

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