Guys With iPhones

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July 31, 2009 - 09:15 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • wetguy


  • fin ger

    OMG! mr lebowitz! my english teacher!!!
    makes sense he&aposs on here..he did finger me at homecoming

  • Anonymous

    holy balls you are hot!

  • organist

    Is this some sort of "shave one arm pit only" cult thing? Looks like there&aposs hair in the other one, maybe my eyes fool me. He&aposs just fine otherwise. More than. But, dude, fill in them pits!

  • enzo

    sup cute

  • Marius

    Fluch, so heiß! ;)

  • brian

    I want you badddd.

  • Anonymous

    Hot! Love the hairy! Do we get to see more?

  • SLF


  • billie jean

    wow, what a damn sexy dude!

  • JT

    Curious, though: how are u so furrrry and have no pit hair?

  • Johnny

    I just love a man with some miles on him. Marry me.

  • JT

    Yummmmm.... I heart real men.

  • Bob

    Lower - I want more!

  • scotty

    Love to see more, yummy!

  • REX

    Thank you. Not everything is about tattoos, muscles, big dicks, and shaving.

  • Ajexey

    I like him...

  • MrX

    Sexy - woof!

  • z-dawg

    You are ideally sexy. Do you tweet?

  • Noodlesinsauze

    Awesome...everything! Great fur, great belly, great face and all of it, really - dinner? I&aposll pay my half...

  • Benji

    Very nice!! I love a real man!!

  • ScottyP.

    I&aposm likin this guy. And with the bed right in the backround. Start warming it up and I&aposll be right over!

  • daniel

    you are my dream
    nice chest

  • Glen


  • seanitoboy your beard and your fur :D

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