Guys With iPhones

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July 31, 2009 - 09:38 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Robby

    Hoodies on guys are fucking adorable... and so are you :)

  • thinkpiece

    yeah! adorable hapa boy. represent.

  • don

    hmmmmmm wonder if yur whillie has a hoody as well...............great pic

  • puma

    Ur so cute!!

  • organist

    well, of course! got it all. AM: what you said.

  • AM

    gorgeous eyes..smirk..full eyebrows..long torso..hoodie. Ahhhh. Simply delicious!

  • 2cute

    @jon hapa haole. someone&aposs from hawaii, lol.

  • jon


  • fucking cute, omg

  • Blue

    I love you baby!

  • kwps

    Great smile - almost a cute as my boyfriend!

  • 2cute

    did you lose your way to grandmother&aposs house little red riding hood? no worries, i&aposll take care of you... lol. muahaha! (me, off my meds)

  • mike

    way to young...but still adorable.

  • sp

    scotty p... you used &aposyour&apos out of context, but atleast you spelled slut correctly

  • JT

    Phone home! haha! You are much cuter than Elliott.

  • kaylee

    great composition, with the focus and colours. thanks :)

  • Anonymous

    Hey my name is Andrew and u can text me at sexy pic by the way love it

  • Zeke

    So cute! You need to take your clothes off :)

  • matt


  • Scratchy

    You&aposre so cute I feel like hugging you :$

  • Romanski

    Super Cute

  • ScottyP.

    You are very cuet. Stay that way and don&apost take off one thing. Then your a slut.

  • Titanite

    hey you&aposre cute!! great smile!!

  • Dan

    For some reason you remind me of E.T. in your hoodie.

  • cb

    cute guy. show more

  • david

    so incredibly adorable!

  • mark

    Ok. My personal favorite of all time on gwip. Perfect on every count.

  • Gabe

    Totally cute!

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