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July 31, 2009 - 09:38 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Nycovergirl718

    Damn! can I get somma dat?

  • August Harley-Williams

    Sexy Asian guy, wish he&aposd contact me ;-)

  • Jayson

    you asian men make me weak in the knees.. you are freaking stunning

  • GOD

    wait ehre can i find more pics of him...? @ryan do you mean flickr?

  • acid

    let us see your bod mannnn :D:D

  • shin


  • MG

    His Name is Piere & he&aposs in Singapore

  • Ryan

    Smokin&apos hot. And I thought your FR photos were hot. If you ever want a bj drop me an email ;)

  • jax

    how is this even possible, let alone dateable?

  • By

    U know u are still cute! .....

  • GOD

    my baby made the hall of fame!

  • GOD

    just email him and tell him to post more.

  • GOD


  • HB

    Those are some nice arms!

  • love it

  • GOD

    GWIP how many times must i comment b4 i get ANOTHER picture of my asian sensation on here. get on it girls. Dont make GOD mad.
    ps... @kusabi yeah his arm does look smaller, but i dont think its the same pic on both sides, theres sublte differences between left and right if you look at it long enough. god knows i have


  • Kusabi

    Okay, I&aposm gonna be the one to say this. It&aposs -shopped-. Either that, or he&aposs got some disorder, &aposcause one arm is GIANT and the other is all scrawny. I can&apost be the only person who noticed that, right~?

  • GOD

    seriously GWIP im still waiting for more of him.

  • Mazin Al-Fadi

    really hawt body!

  • JP

    Great Arms

  • Nick

    I love Asian meat

  • Anthony

    I need ur Asian cock in me

  • GOD

    please post more of him pleeeeeeeeease.

  • GD

    NICE arms!

  • mike


  • x852

    ha, 2 of u even better

  • Anonymous

    wow - beautiful

  • Danny

    Very sexy man with beautiful skin and cheekbones. Sometimes it&aposs nice to have something a little more substantial than just a dick shot.

  • GOD

    damn girl. loves me some asian.

  • jaykay

    double the fun! yum!

  • rick from LA

    damn those arms would be great holding up my legs or pinning them behind my ears!

  • Titanite

    WOW!! Very hot!!!

  • davew

    Arm-orama! Stunning!

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