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July 31, 2009 - 09:38 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Daniel

    Your body is amazing. Love your underwear. Love your facial hair. Love your chest and legs. Lets trade pics? ...

  • suskeihattori

    i&aposd LOVE to see that oozing out a load... yumm

  • Anonymous

    that tree need water.....anyway

  • celliandis

    omg!!! clean

  • Dev


  • Jab

    I love this pic it&aposs so hot
    I&aposd wanna go over and get dirty in your dirty room ;)

  • AJay

    I luv playin peek-a-boo.......w/ penis, of course. ;)

  • allen

    oops there&aposs somthing slipping on trhough your undies.. me like it

  • Mike

    you sexy mother fucker you...

  • Frank

    I think this guy is super hot. I think the fact that his room is a little untidy is hot as hell too. I would love to sneak into his room when he&aposs not there and stick my nose in his sneakers.

  • Ritchie Rich

    "...the honesty of your room..."? You probably live in a pig sty, Chidude. If the room is dirty, the boy is too.

  • JT

    fat guy in a little coat (ur cock is fat, not u).

  • Chidude

    It&aposs always a trip, how bitchy some people get on this site. I love the honesty of your room in the background. I love the branches too — in fact I&aposve got some in my apt (though they&aposre above the doorframes, not next to my bed). Most of all I love the scruff and the hair (what we see of it) and the treasure trail and yes, that tasty cock poking up.

  • sam/sydney

    So the room is a little !!!! What is it with all you old aunties, this guy is way too hot, and I bet busy, to be doing chores.

  • gaygoose

    must be str8 a gay man would plucked the tree clean and painted it white then christmas balls for days, Girl... sweet man

  • Eric Kane

    yes, yes, YES

  • shabob

    peka boo

  • clay282

    Id be embarrassed to let people see me living like a pig in a pic that should have been highlighting an otherwise great cock and bod.

  • Danny

    Nice cock, but get rid of that dead tree in the background. :(

    Did I mention you have a nice cock?!

  • raul1188

    nice scruff.

  • Anonymous

    come here with that thing!!!

  • Atlanta Jock

    Very sexy!

  • drew

    oh so worth it

  • Noodles

    I&aposm a big fan of most of it.

  • luigimail

    looks hard to contain, Hot

  • Billy Boy

    No more taking pictures of yourself until you clean up your room, young man!

  • daniel

    omg so sexy

  • ScottyP.

    Say hello to my friend! Hello friend!

  • rr

    What a tease!!

  • Will

    my all time fav. a dick stickin&apos out the top of underwear. thanks man. i will sleep well tonight. i won&apost even tell you to clean your room.

  • Merfy

    Um, you sort of have a messy place there. And that poor tree.

  • bc

    thick cock in lil undies

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