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July 31, 2009 - 09:38 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Chris Linhas

    I would so lay on my back and spread my legs for this guy!!! HOT!!!

  • freddeluxx

    i could eat him all day. his really cute

  • mat

    lol i know this kid... he&aposs just as sexy in person

  • Austin

    great muscle guy! so hot!

  • Julian

    Wow, seriously sexy. You need to show more dude!

  • SweetDesire

    I WANNA TASTE U .....

  • Steven

    hi sexy email me for a free ride on my disco stick;)

  • very nice. :-)

  • Summer

    mm nice body...

  • Steven

    Please fuck me I mean ummm email


    i love asians!!!!!!!!

  • Steven

    Ahhhhh u r fucking sexy I just want to lick ur abs and suck ur dick

  • jose

    carlito, is that you? i remember you from when you were 7.

  • sexy body but why the blank stare he looks dead in the face

  • Hot Stuff

    SEX-E, lets see a little booty...

  • Mazin Al-Fadi


  • Blue


  • B
  • TJ

    Yum. Plus I have those boxers, so double YUM.

  • yummy

    i just want to lick you please email me at

  • Anthony

    I wanna see ur huge, fat cock so bad

  • Wes

    AMAZING body, i love it!!!!!!!!!! add me,

  • christopher

    It&aposs nice to see more & more handsome,HOT,& cute guys post their pic.
    This guy is cobo of cute & handsome. (oh, rick from la--he is not &aposthick&apos. hate to see what you think is not)

  • justin B.

    Damn u are super gorgeous I would definately be available to chill with u ANYTIME

  • GD

    You are HOT!!! Nothing sexier than a guy with a GREAT bod wearing nothing but boxer-briefs! YUM!

  • C

    He looks so confused as to what he&aposs doing...

  • scb0i


  • Anonymous

    smoking hot!!! I want to see you with nothing on!!!!

  • pAUL

    Hot hot hot

  • jeffy

    Holy crap. I&aposm buying.

  • justin

    Holy shit! If that ain&apost perfection I don&apost know what is

  • rick from LA

    Me love them thick!

  • AussieBum

    HOLEEE FUCK this dude is HOT!!! Can&apost wait to see if he posts a nudie! :o) PLEASE!

  • a

    Daaaaaamnn...what I would do to get those briefs off to see that dick :) show more papi lmao

  • bc

    hot big guy. yum

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