Guys With iPhones

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September 30, 2009 - 09:04 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • JR

    total hotness :)

  • xxx

    What is your stickam name?

  • Kenneth

    If the comments above me are accurate, you are on Stickam a lot. That is terrific, but my only complaint (apart from my not knowing your Stickam name so I can&apost watch you) is that a person with your looks is just giving it away. Honestly, your "quiet schoolboy footballer" look could make you a good deal of money.

  • casey

    yeah i see him on stickam sometimes too :D

  • Tyler

    Where do you see him on stickam?

  • Maxx

    I went to school with him!

  • victor


  • can I please put my dick in you?

  • ChiChiBoy

    I see you on stickam all the time :p

  • Damn, boi!! I think that you and me should have a talk in my bedroom.

  • Teebsie

    You are a total cutie. More please!

  • anonymous

    Damn nice face, nice trim body, lose the faggy earring. It doesn&apost work with your masculine, hot face.

  • Anonymous

    Hot let&aposs see some more

  • Jason D

    Yes, I will take one of you :)

  • Don Alan

    What a handsome young man, just ripe for fucking.

  • lol


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