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September 30, 2009 - 02:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • VeganGuy

    Hubba-Hubba! Boing! Wow! Home Run!

  • Anonymous

    you seem so cute and normal. Be my first boyfriend. I live in Chicago Lmao

  • Dan ferrer

    Very nice yum yum

  • james

    your just super hot, you would look good with earrings

  • exsass

    mannnnnnnn i&aposm hungry babe

  • Nick

    you&aposre amazing, come to daytona

  • Felipe

    O mais lindo de todos !!

  • Matt

    omw, you are so hot!

  • Eric

    one of my favorites on this site! YUM!

  • Anonymous

    hot guy!!!!

  • Craig

    very cute face, hot body 20/10!

  • ryry1982

    CUTE Boy next door look! =)

  • mike

    u are hot dude

    if u were in cali, ud have my ass haha

  • DJaustex

    Damn sexy man!! Thanks for showing.

  • element_lad

    Don&apost shave your body. You are hot the way you are.

  • Tadeu

    He looks so hot. He looks like if we encorage him, he would drop his pants. Let&aposs say some words of encoragement.

  • Emi

    HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!!

  • vbnudeguy

    You&aposre adorably cute!

  • tampabttm

    haha tampa boy. he is a gooood top! Let ME tell you!

  • Jank&aposs

    Hey y&aposall cut that out; he&aposs my husband!!!

  • Glen

    Nice nips and of course the fuzzy tummy YUM!!

  • Teebsie

    Classic good looks. Beautiful.

  • luigimail

    wow you look adorable

  • CK

    I&aposll be your boyfriend!

  • Jon

    Looks like perfect boyfriend material.

  • Sam Spade

    Pretty pretty

  • DCTopGuy

    Let&aposs you and me go to Iowa and make it official. What do you say?

  • mbrenkley

    Very cute! Bet your hung as well!

  • Shay Shay

    Totally Amazing!! Love it all!!

  • Jay

    You are so sexy

  • AussieBum

    Man you are HOT! Cute face, cute body, nips that need to be bitten regularly and that fuzzy treasure trail....I wanna follow it all the way to your pot of gold!!

  • nb

    God you&aposre a beauty and that fuzzy body is AWESOME!

  • John


  • brandon

    Fuck me!!!

  • Quaker the look dude

  • Rob

    Love that hairy belly! Yumm!

  • Soadstein

    So cute.

  • Mouse

    Now bend over the tub like you are pretending to clean it, and accidentally let your shorts slip off. Oh yeah.

  • Anon

    Damn you are HOT!!! Very much my type...

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