Guys With iPhones

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September 30, 2009 - 05:06 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Tee

    Can my dog play in your meatt house?

  • dre

    i&aposm hungry as hell....

  • Dustin

    Damn! Dats one sexxxc ass!! cant i get your digits!

  • chris

    damn dude...all dat....woooow

  • Marcos

    This picture is a good arguement for heterosexuality.

  • Endeavor

    You guys are ignorant to the fullest. I believe it&aposs a smudge on the mirror. Because that doesn&apost look like toilet paper to me.

  • the man

    unclean buttholes are such a turn off

  • fan

    beautiful Ass and legs...

  • nick

    toilet paper is hanging out of his ass. why would anyone post this pic????????????

  • Discusted


  • NothingButtLuv

    You nellies are funny in your high-maintenance comments. Toilet paper, glare on the mirror, just after a shit or not, that&aposs a MAN-ASS! Look at those pumped up legs, that hairy, chocolate taint, the Shape of his man humps! It&aposs probably some college boy sending out a msg to his haters! LOL You, hating bitches: THAT ASS IS NIIIIIIICE!

  • Anonymous

    buns of STEEL

  • Anon

    The entrance to hell. Seriously, that is fucking ugly.

  • justin

    Never understand how guys like "Lance" look at this and go nuts with desire. Btw Lance, since you want to eat it so bad, make sure you pick the TP out of your teeth afterwards

  • the man

    Yummy! All I can see are two scoops of ice cream on some nice muscular cones :)

  • Bitch

    OMG. that is Sooooooo Funny. Gross piece of toilet paper. He was like " ahhh I just took a dump, now I will take a pic of my hole for Guyswithiphones" lol lol lol. great job. thank you.

  • mark

    no you gooses that&aposs my contact I lost

  • joe

    did he just take a dump? i don&apost get this photo . . .

  • dolcee from Tibet

    now show me your delicious dick...

  • Anoni

    Did this guy NOT look at this picture before submitting it for the world to see? I mean, come on....even if that isn&apost tissue and is just a glare on the mirror...MAKE SURE IT DOESN&aposT LOOK LIKE YOU CAN&aposT CLEAN YOUR ASS!!

  • jamar

    you should switch to Charmin . . . cheap toilet paper is bad for shredding between the cheeks.

  • Ranger

    I think I read about one of those in the center of the galaxy..

  • yard man

    need a ladder to tap that

  • Anonymous

    my eyes!!!

  • Miley Cyrus

    I really wish someone walked in on you taking this...

  • David C

    I think I see a toilet paper crumb in there.

  • lance

    Hell yes.......I wanna eat that ass

  • sammyk

    Its that "butt lint" in that there crack???

  • Big Jim

    Is that toilet paper?!

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