Guys With iPhones

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September 30, 2009 - 08:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • suskeihattori

    Gorgeous cock. Looks PLUMP and TASTY!!! Send another...

  • doug

    nice pic

  • Anonymous

    fuckkk me pleaseee!!!!!

  • Jak

    Lucky, lucky phone...

  • your dick just called me..

  • Josh

    I wish my iphone CAME WITH A CHARGER LIKE &aposTHAT&apos yo !

  • Glasswalker22

    Take a second and measure the face of your iphone and do just a little math and bam you know how small his cock is.

  • John - Sheffield

    Love it! A guy with a sense of humour... and a nice cock!


    Finally a dick with a Iphone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mark

    that&aposs why you had to have an iphone

  • gacysdad

    i need to make a call

  • Don Alan

    Well that&aposs a unique way to keep your equipment warm. Nice thick cock by the way.

  • alexisshemale

    that’s hot and it

  • luigimail

    great, wrap it up and mail it to me before xmas!

  • Anonymous

    Cute, thick, and original. Yum!

  • AussieBum

    Great looking full heavy cock! Bet its a joy to suck!

  • D

    Nice iPhone Dock!

  • Anon

    damn... that looks like nice and thick.

  • ebonii411

    Cute I like the new cell phone holder does it come in black or a nice brown it would match everything I got! !!

  • Aidan

    Plump and delicious!

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