Guys With iPhones

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September 30, 2009 - 09:14 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Drew Houston TX

    Look good in and out of Jeans  

  • Tony

    Very Nice!!!

  • absolutrunnr

    it&aposs bigger than it looks. trust me. I know! :-)

  • Dick Skinner

    All perfect - most lickable ever with no sloppy foreskin, no curlies to catch in the teeth!

  • Billy

    Fuck these guys, it all works.

  • Josh

    Dude, you look good, but you&aposve got some serious potential for having a great body. Hit the gym, do some cardio and lose that little bit of weight, lift some weights and gain some muscle and you&aposll look amazing!

  • Chris

    Sorry chris but no pubes means someone is trying to make the meat look bigger than it really is.

  • Anonymous

    Ross? LOL!

  • chris

    NO pubes means MORE MEAT to play with
    Sometimes there&aposs just something gross about a big old out of control gnarly goes both ways &aposGlen&apos - you should expand your horizons and learn to like all types of men. You&aposll get laid a lot more often.

  • yawn

    one would have been more than sufficient

  • critical

    A little old for the frat cap, perhaps?

  • Shay Shay

    Love the boxcut swimsuit tan line!! Nice!

  • Cadillac

    Into it.

  • Don Alan

    Nice series of photos. And a beautiful body with a great cock and balls!

  • billythebigbone

    you are almost out of TP.

  • Josh

    mhmmm yummy. Wouldn&apost mind playing with you ;)

  • catty

    wearing a hat while naked, someones bald

  • Glen

    Nice cock ! but once again I ask WHY no pubes?

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