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October 31, 2009 - 03:00 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Your fucking hair is so stupid...

  • Patrick

    Soo... I know this photo is like 2 years old but... This guy is fucking hot lol. I especially love the hair. Be fun to play with x)

  • Tom

    Love the V line man. And the Hair. =]

  • Joey Deacon

    LOL true; underwear envy/snobbery?
    Right on. Connor, you long tall drink of sexyiness. Flick the haters off. I clicked on this pic because Connor&aposs hot.

  • Seth

    I like the cheap underwear comment the best... whoever wrote that... "What a fag."


    wow honestly I don&apost think half of you guys lived in this decade. People have been flicking off cameras since Eminem and before. AND This guy&aposs hairstyle is ALL OVER THE PLACE... but mostly on the heads of cute 17 year old skater boys. I sure like it a lot better then the tacky screamo/emo weed-wacker cuts that I still see a lot of white gay guys with. This guy is hot, and the hair suits him.

  • Dave

    Wow...what abunch of unfunny lil bitches (but they all took the time to click on your pic, hmm?) You&aposre one HOT FUCKER!

  • Jameson

    Hey! Is that Dana Plato from Different Strokes? Horrible hair. And this is coming from a 26 year old.

  • daniel

    man - i dont care how cute or bad ass you are....NO ONE LOOKS CUTE FLICKING A CAMERA OFF...everyone who does it looks retarded....

    it basically says - "fuck you, i dont care about vanity" when in fact thats precisely the reason why you took the pic. SO annoying....

  • Nice 5th grade comebacks!

  • Snap

    Instead of actually displaying it below the belt, he&aposs just demonstrating the size of his dick by flippin&apos that finger.

  • Anonymous

    fucking sexy as helll. moreeee! ;)

  • Jak

    Wig from the Joey Heatherton collection

  • MyComments

    Shaggy called...he wants his hair back

  • Mark

    OMG!....getting flipped off by Kristy McNichol!!

  • rock

    the 70&aposs called...they want their hair back! nice bod man.

  • seventy3

    finger me...

  • Michael N.

    Fucking hot dude & I LOVE the nice shaggy mane vs. some typical "gay" cut.

  • Throwslikeagirl

    You&aposre a cute guy! Now look up this word: ambivalent.

  • tom

    yeah, i&aposd fucking hit it. attitude is fucking sexy and he is full of it. bring it.

  • Anonymous

    Why on earth are so many people having trouble to keep their hands away from the keyboard when it comes to this guy. Yes, he has some attitude but why do you assume he is not a nice guy when he's not giving the finger? Relax people.
    [The belly button is fuckin' hot, btw]

  • Joey

    damn what hatters, that hair is sexy along with that body and face. that hair is the "skater" style not 70&aposs

    connor ur sexy
    hit me up on yahoo messanger

  • hank

    douche to the max

  • jeff w.

    get a frickin&apos haircut. christ.

  • Billy Boy

    The 1970s called. It wants its hair back.

  • Eric Kane

    And Connor? There are this many comments cuz ur hair IS that bad.

  • Eric Kane

    Good GOD that hair took some WORK (((:-O

  • Anonymous

    Hanes? Are you wearing hanes? Cocky pic for someone in cheap underwear

  • Mike

    OK now, but won&apost age well.

  • sam/sydney

    Hey, the long hair is good BUT it has really been &aposoverstyled&apos. I get the impression that this guy would not go out on a windy day and it might be a case of " mind the hair" when he&aposs in the cot. Get roughed up a bit and you will get a gold star.

  • InShockandAwe

    @Anonymous .... tell me how can he be from TX look at the time this pic was posted and it was posted a few hours ago it&aposs not even 3:00 PM in Texas yet!! It&aposs not even 3 here on the east coast !!!!!!!! Stop thinking

  • Luigimail

    I never thought I would find a boy with farah faucett hair attractive! Surprising!

  • For one, I do have a chin, I kinda cringed my head back, my bad. for two my hair isn&apost actually that bad, for three I can do whatever the fuck I wanna do, so hop off my dick. If I was so "ugly" why is there so many comments? haha, talk shit all you want, kinda like it. ;] and I&aposm not from Katy, TX anon, live in Brentwood, LA, CA

  • jacob

    that hair is ridiculous.

  • InShockandAwe

    his finger is probably the biggest appendage he has to fuck with!!! now take off your sisters wig you little prick !

  • Anonymous

    i think i know this guy...he&aposs from katy, tx

  • scott

    i think the aging queens that are bitching about the hairstyle had the same one back when they were that age or older in the 70&aposs

  • Phil

    sexiest man alive nom nom nom
    i wanna munch on your cock

  • FurLover

    Cut your d-bag hair and we&aposll talk.

  • Jake

    Have I time warped back into the 70&aposs?

  • Rob_in_Asia

    The hair helmet is truly amazing! I thought that stopped after the 70s.

  • Dude, Don&apost let that finger write checks your dick can&apost deliver.

  • Dontget

    Why do guys always think this is a hot thing to do....its so ignorant

  • Anonymous

    mann u a cute white boy

  • lol

    ollie in some circles that is considered hot to do. I can see how one wouldn&apost think so, but if you look at pics on the internet I would think you would have seen it before.

  • Ringo

    Oooh tough guy with Farrah fawcet hair! Lame.

  • Will

    Oh No You Didn&apost!

  • jimmy

    nipple piercings HOT!! POST MORE!

  • Taylor

    I have a feeling this is... Connor_LA from twitter if so come home with me plz ;] I&aposd do your body good

  • Cole

    F you too, love child of Farrah and Ryan!

  • Anonymous

    great bod...chinless, tho

  • lol

    Good god can the aging queens stop bitching about every pic with a modern hairstyle. We get it, you think everyone should have a crew cut.

  • Anonymous

    Get a hair cut, and grow up and put that finger away.
    Nice bod though.

  • AAA

    Are we supposed to be impressed?

  • cal

    Nice wig

  • cute. i feel like ive seen him before...on sean cody or something.

  • Anonymous

    id hit it

  • Randall

    Horrid hair! Barely Ok face. Nice body.... eeeeh

  • Ollie

    Why would someone flick off his audience?


  • Don Alan

    Fuck you? Since your photo is a mirror image, the the "Fuck You" is reversed into "Fuck Me." Therefore, instead of your finger being a command it is an invitation. :-) Either way I&aposm all over your HOTNESS.

  • put that finger away, you pussy

  • badboy_2008

    Dude, you are so hot. Love the hair too man!

  • FDW

    Fuck you too pal....

  • sacramentoooooooCali

    what a sexy mothafucka!

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