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October 31, 2009 - 04:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • william

    i love ryan, so hot.

  • cock.


  • mimi

    Yeah, I think that is Ryan! lol! Yay random celebs!

  • witchie-poo

    I don&apost know who Sheckler is, but that girlfriend will scrach your eyes out the look is pure evil

  • Jesse

    Ryan Sheckler is sooo damn hot!! Shoulda shaved tho. :)

  • DD_838

    lol, maybe your right. I hadn&apost looked at it that way.

  • Anonymous

    is that ryan sheckler?????

  • AAA

    Guys with boyfriends post pics here, so why not guys with girlfriends? I think it&aposs hot! And so is this guy!

  • akito_kun

    This is so straight. Ew.

  • lol

    Heteros? More like gay boys with wishful thinking hags.

  • DD_838

    I think that by showing his girlfriend in the pic it somehow validates his urge to post his photo on a gay site. I bet you will see more of this... as the hetero&aposs try to take over guys with iphones.

  • scott

    guys with iphones? is she a tranny?

  • mike Oxlong

    what the fuck?
    this isn&apost facebook!
    Loose the bitch and your pants or go home!

  • Tim

    First time I&aposve seen a girl in a picture on here. As long as there&aposs a guy in there too!

  • yes

    Ryan Sheckler? You scruff makes you look like you have pimples, but still hot ;D Get rid of the chick and get a man in there

  • Bryce

    Too bad in this picture Ryan Sheckler doesn&apost have his shirt off

  • kevin kurt

    Dude show your big cock! NOT your Girlfriend!

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