Guys With iPhones

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October 31, 2009 - 04:01 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Ja ese soy yo q sexy trasero

  • cute little ass. wanna just bite it. grrrr. ... she can watch if she wants.

  • Mimi

    wtf is on her right leg? jizz? bad camera lighting???

  • burnt my retna

    Love the candid shot of straight man ass but the beaver shot EEEwwwwwww but at least its covered But EEEwwwwwwww

  • Jeremy

    I think Shae is right. This is a picture of two lesbians.

  • a psycho

    lady you are awesome

  • Kino

    Tell that fish to get back in the water!

  • Shae

    I.....think they are both girls.

  • Danny

    I think that&aposs a garage. See what looks like a dog carrier in the upper right corner?

    As far as the girl, it might be a chick, it might be a tranny, but at least he&aposs getting some....which is more than I can say for a lot of you who bitch about a little bit of belly fat. It&aposs normal not to see rib cages.

  • Jake

    I thought this site was "Guys" With iPhones and NOT Guys N Gals with iPhones

  • required

    yeah! NORMAL people have more than 6% body fat...both of you are hot!!! don&apost mind the closed minded bitchy gays

  • Ulysses Roca

    Don&apost run away. Come back and take it like a man.

  • anon

    Awesome. Chicks!

  • paco

    @mark. more like a train wreck.

  • paco

    no clam chowder please!

  • danny

    Where is that hot tub? The bedroom???

  • Anonymous

    Lol, I&aposm gay but this is so cute:) he has a nice butt

  • Michael

    You guys don&apost have to be so mean. Not everybody is so sculpted. You know, normal people don&apost have to have abs or that perfect bubble ass. So stop being so negative towards normal people who post their pics. I think this picture is absolutely hot.

  • DD_838


  • no tuna i lost my appetite

  • Anonymous


  • scott

    more with the girls? is this site going to punani?

    boyfriend needs to do some crunches...but cute ass.

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