Guys With iPhones

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October 31, 2009 - 06:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • minimikej3

    Beautiful big happy cock and balls! Shoot me with your love?

  • Cockman

    Hot big and thick cock. but when i find out its uncut it makes me less interested. i. think a dick that hasn&apost been cut is nasty looking. i know thats natural and how we all start and more ppl around the world aren&apost cut. but when its soft the skin looks like it was burnt and the skin was melted . it hangs over the whole head or the head is popping out alittle and it looks like its being choked.

  • It is amazing what will "POP UP" for an Iphone.
    Everytime I see one I will imagine this hot dude
    checking out his stuff.
    Too bad you aren&apost my neighbor.

  • doug

    hot pic

  • Andrew

    feed me

  • quester

    Get rid of the undies, let it be free.

  • Devin

    oh yea i wanna suck this until it goes soft!

  • 502louguy

    very nice man.

  • sethy

    you guys aint kidding. its another perfect one.
    i say mold it!

  • Chris

    Excuse me! Could you please scratch an itch I have? 

  • seventy3


  • Reggie Rich

    That dick needs to be molded into a dildo. I woild definitely buy it.

  • Johno

    Shit...nice costume! :p

  • Anonymous

    Damn!!! Very nice cock dude!!

  • Ulysses Roca

    Nice cock and balls.

  • Darren

    Yum Yum. What a nice cock. I would eat that all day.

  • J

    nice rod!

  • Fuck me! Always! I can feel those awesome nuts swinging up against mine.

  • Marty

    Beautiful piece!

  • The poet

    very nice!!!! now thats a dick!

  • Michael

    beautiful uncut cock! love the exposed knob and would suck that and your foreskin all day!

  • cal

    nice cock

  • Don Alan

    You&aposve been blessed with some beautiful equipment. I hope you share well.

  • scott


  • pete

    I feel like riding 2day ..

  • papito

    i wanna suck your dick raitnaw

  • InShockandAwe

    Rock hard and ready to release .. WAIT, wait a minute I&aposm almost there ..............

  • Jill

    Sexy ass cock! Happy

  • sparky

    I soooo want to sit on that!!!

  • Cyclist

    WOW! Really nice cock and balls!

  • Anon_Dallas

    VERY NICE.. Long and thick and nice nuts. That would feel great in my ass.

  • johnnie

    Ok, I&aposm ready. Slurrrp! Gulp!

  • Luigimail

    Yummmm, subway footlongs! Eat Fresh!

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