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November 30, 2009 - 10:20 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Scubashon

    Very nice papi

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for taking a moment from cutting lemons to make this pic!

  • Gay Boy 101

    Sexy !!!

  • jorge

    Que rico estas lastima que no te tenga cerca hariamos buen sexo

  • Anonymous

    Massive meat. Would you like to hide it in my ass for a while

  • Anonymous

    That&aposs some serious ass pounding dick you got there

  • NY Rose man

    What is up with that bulge in the rug? It looks like there&aposs a body under there.

  • Andrew

    wow. we must meet.

  • cal

    HOT! Very HOT! I want you under my tree this christmas.

  • D

    Nice...Two handfuls

  • Anonymous

    Wow. U R Yummy!

  • babyblue

    damn!!!!!!!!!!! white men are packin and they are not jokin, now i know how they get the black women. they let&aposem know yo black men ain&apost got nothin we ain&apost got.

  • wtf! ripped hairy & hard! you gotta punish my ass w/ that thing! fuck me fast, pulling all the way out & jamming all the way in until i&aposm a crying pussy begging you to never stop!

  • MercedesHunter

    Huge Meat! Very Suckable!

  • Uncut Rules

    looks like you have a choppy zig zag circ scar :( tell the doc you want your foreskin back!

  • wannaplay

    Hum papy!!

  • Stephen Wright

    Damn! Need help holding that thing?

  • Anonymous

    Yummm, about time more hot Latino men started getting naked on here!!

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