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December 31, 2009 - 12:05 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • ed

    Saturday night fever 2012..........Dayum!!!

  • Shado

    I&aposll make you squeal like the pig-boy you want to be!

  • suskeihattori

    DAM BOY... I like. Send more...

  • fill

    sup hottie

  • fine as fuck my man

  • fuck me

  • T.J.

    dame you hot

  • MrJeuqe

    Sexy, MF.... dayem!!

  • AJay

    I aint 1 to believe n swagga...but DAYUUUUM!! His swagga is ALL the way right...!!! ;)))

  • Jeff

    Cute but PLEASE lose that hat.

  • Nick

    His swagger is intense!!!

  • Brucito

    I would put you in a black jock strap take this 11 inches and fuck you silly. You look like a little freak who loves to get fucked! Holla if your interested.

  • MJR

    diablo papito! u is hot bro

  • Orly

    Those biceps are unreal.

  • john in california

    Nah, I&aposve seen better..u don&apost ring the bells

  • tim

    wow nice body now get naked and show us what a real man has.

  • Bryan

    WOW!!! I&aposm loving you!

  • Jfar

    u are sexy my brutha

  • jonny0610

    HOLY SHIT! Damn u are sexy as fuck. Show us some more, way more.

  • Kannon

    gimme ur address so i can give u all my money

  • KR

    Damn!! I&aposd have to stay away from you. You&aposd get my car keys, money, and whatever else you wanted. You are hella hot!!

  • MercedesHunter

    Whoa! He got my panties in a bunch!

  • jam jacket


  • jam jacket


  • theking08

    you are fuckin sexy... hit me

  • Mikey

    HOLY FUCK...what a body!!!!!!!,,10

  • aussie

    heaven ! literally.............

  • Sozo

    I&aposd let him hit it


    i will bang you like a drum

  • Anthony

    god dammmm ma def thinking ma lips need to be on a few areas on you!!!

  • big al

    YEAH!!!!!! show that ass!!!!!

  • Frank

    Lookin hella good bruh

  • dancejunky

    omg !!! are you kiddin me with this ??im dripping here ! this is the sexiest man i have ever seen. the body .. the lips ... the arms ... those fuc*^ng eyes! Damn !!!

  • Nikki

    I want you to bend me over that counter RIGHT NOW! I bet you&aposre a HOT fuck.

  • Fudge

    make your abs more muscular and you&aposre LL Cool J. seriously.

  • the poet

    damn sexy can get it!!!!

  • lance

    Sexy ass....

  • butchie

    Yes....thats what in talkin about. this is a sexy brotha. Look like you got a phat azz to. why dont you show it to us....and that dik

  • Andrew


  • Fernando

    Hoppa hoppa!

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