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December 31, 2009 - 04:30 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • steven

    god i wish i could help you make you feel better email me...... and we can talk if you still hurt......prob not its been awhile lol ! :)

  • jm

    I think the nails are black because they got smashed up in the fight. Poor baby. Come to daddy. I&aposll make you feel all better, all night.

  • Anonymous

    How beautiful!

  • beryl

    your sexy babe, can i have your msn address, or facebook

  • jesus

    aww poor baby.....add me on aim....confusedboi01

  • paris leigh

    wow id trade pix w u ne day, maybe even take u out and show u a good time too! lol

  • Denis


  • max

    boyfriend jealous much? when you&aposre ready for someone who won&apost punch that beautiful face, ring me up. i&aposll wait.

  • Don Alan

    You are very attractive. My only suggestion -- paint the nails or clean them off. One or the other I won&apost judge, but right now those fingers just don&apost look good.

  • Derek

    Cute for sure and I would hate to see what the other guy looks like ;)

    Glazzy get a clue FOOL since I highly doubt a nose job would cause the area under his left eye to be cut...he was in fight you moron.

  • tim

    well as long as you can use your mouth you will be ok. take care of your self.

  • nick

    fuck ill nurse him back to health

  • qwaszxc

    Beautiful, just beautiful. More pics on please!! Less clothes on please!!

  • jonny0610

    Dayum what happened 2 u? U need some1 to help u heal?

  • loveit

    wow ur fuckin hot

  • Tyler

    Dude, what happened to you? Take off your pants and tell me about it.

  • Lust

    Wat happend? i can make it better...

  • Rick

    Fkn hot bro:)

  • dyl

    you poor baby :(
    i can make you better. :]

  • Nick

    what happend in your face :O so sad =/ but you&aposre look great too jeje :D hey i have a question, i can be your friend? hey that the anwer is yeah you can add me :D take me e-mail :D

  • glazzy

    rhinoplasty much?

  • :-(

  • Joey

    Lol. Even with that on, he still looks really cute.

  • Ken

    ...and your still cute!

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