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December 31, 2009 - 04:05 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • raven

    sexy, very very sexy... everything about u is just gorgeous

  • Damn you are so cute

  • Anonymous

    You have a superb look. A lot of people try the "shaved-head-and-trimmed-facial-hair" look, but few can pull it off, and of those who can, few pull it off as well as you. You look like you have what it takes to make some money off posing, hit me up.

  • Wow. You need to do filthy things to me, dude!

  • Dan

    I wish your tongue was in my mouth right now. Your lips look tasty.

  • Sozo


  • bklynbandit

    U live in NY?

  • GreekJock

    Wow, those are some beautiful lips! Well, you&aposre just a great looking guy all around! Do we get to see you naked? :o)

  • tresbone

    pretty boy!

  • ctprguy

    you are a hot guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Giovanni

    Hello guapo, where have you been....

  • timpest

    Damn baby I&aposll have some to go!

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