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December 31, 2009 - 07:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Guest

    Bodyyyyyy hair. :P

  • Bobby

    WOW! You are an amazingly great looking guy. You have got it all, great body, cute face and the hairy chest is just a super bonus. OMG
    Hit me up sometime

  • marty

    Very sexy. Love it!

  • MATT

    WOW, you are the hottest guy on here. Post more pics or email me

  • Chris

    Looking good buddy!

  • Jasin

    The man of my dreams has a iphone!!!

  • shave the hair!

  • Brian

    WOW OMG Just Beautiful!

  • Timpest

    O baby give it to me!

  • Tristan

    Oh yeah!!! Fuck me!!

  • Stan

    very yummy!

  • AsSeenOnTv

    can i attempt to rub that fur off your chest??? rawr.. ;)

  • Ernie

    wow!!! (speechless)

  • Matty

    Good god, sexiest man I&aposve seen on this site!

  • Grumpy

    Yummy hairy body!

  • Ah! There you are! I&aposve been looking for my next ex-lover. . .

  • jonny0610

    Damn, ur sexy as fuck. Love the commando look.

  • Josh

    You are the hottest thing I have ever seen

  • Nick L.

    MMMMMMM. Short Hairy Hottie. I like, I like!!!!

  • Mtnfalls

    Damn sexy! Would love to feel that chest on my body

  • Adam

    Sexy body!

  • mykel

    You are friggin&apos hot sex on a pair of legs.. that face and body are sick hot...


    i love the body and your confidence shows through. Hit me up sometime

  • Paul

    Looks tasty.

  • Rob

    You are 1 handsome man! Thanks for sharing!

  • patrick

    love the fur


    Your very cute! when can we have dinner... :)

  • TheRealTony

    If you turned that burner down to about med low you&aposd be a lot hotter.

  • Sean

    Fucking HOT!!!

  • cal

    You are so damned cute!

  • the poet

    sexy body hair!

  • mikey

    Hot hairy body!

  • Askanipsion

    Wow just perfect

  • b

    VERY NICE everything :-)

  • ScottyP.

    You have a cute face and I love your hairy body. Can I see more?

  • xxboyxx

    very very hot!

  • glen

    HOT bod even if clippered!


    Wow, what a hot combo! Great muscle tone, amazing hair, and the comando jeans with the open shirt, make me hard immediately!

  • tim

    nice and no paties what time you getting naked? Lets see the whole package

  • Yum!

  • Scott

    Wow...was never a fan of hair...but I want you in hot!

  • Michael

    Nice everything! -looker of the year!

  • Brian

    very sexy boy!!

  • Tony

    Fucking HOT!

  • d

    Nice chest!

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