Guys With iPhones

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December 31, 2009 - 09:05 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • JustMe

    The one from the middle has mouth like a hoover and swallows.

  • Mark

    hahaha so many haters on here.. i&aposd say FUCK &aposEM! you guys are all so cute! i LOVE this pic!

  • Anonymous

    Quit bein haterz yall!!! They&aposre just doin their own thing!!!

  • Anonymous

    where did you get those clothes ? aMAZING

  • Anonymous


  • John Smith

    the funny part is that they were serious when they took this!

  • awesome pic!

  • Dave

    love guys like this... all twisted and shit.

  • Tad

    didn&apost know people had iphones back in the 1980s. maybe they had a time machine.

  • Kevin

    Very nice. Thanks guys!

  • Roronoa Zoro

    Cruella de Vil!

  • BeenThere

    The 80s called. They want their hair back.

  • mat

    The new national anti-meth ad

  • flightlevel69™

    curly. larry. moe. discuss: _____________________

  • Greg Theron

    The first and last are fabulous! The middle one isn&apost.

  • Miguel

    All three of you are so fucking fabulous!!!! Werk!!!!!!!!!

  • cal

    Not in a million years

  • hay hey hay

    AMERICA! This is your future. Start praying asap....

  • paco

    can you send as another photo of how you three could look like if your were not uncreative carbon copies of people from the 80&aposs? Like, what would you imagine people in 2010 to look like and not from 1985.

  • Anonymous

    Human League looked nothing like that.....

  • fred

    this isn&apost

    sooooo sick of seeing trannies in these photos

  • Blooboy

    Well, assuming the one on the photo-right is indeed male, then the photo is accurate - guys with iphone(s). Looks like a music video for Human League circa 1987. Great hair though. :D

  • J_J

    This isn&apost a cover-shoot.

  • anon

    someone get that tranny a big mac

  • JBL

    The Adams Family??

  • tresbone

    i had that same jacket in ****** high.

  • Nick

    European emo vampires?

  • D

    Love It! Really good shot.

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