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December 31, 2009 - 04:15 PM
Guys with iPhones

    Sexi blue eyes!!!

  • juan

    I love the lip glossssssssss LOL

  • ricardo

    Beautyfull eyes! pfff like a piece of heaven

  • Ben

    Good lighting. And hey Steve, courting the gay dollar are you? with ur facebook ad. Of course u r. Only gays can appreciate your goods---openly.

  • Andrey

    I was loving you for all my life!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    is he even real? OMG

  • Cristin

    OMG he is beautiful. And I don&apost use that for men too often. wow.

  • Name: Steven Zachary Dane

  • JJ

    pure hottness

  • melissa

    someone plz give me more pix of him or link?? name? he is so hot

  • I

    wonderlful i am italian boys my msn is

  • john smith

    i wish more people looked like you :-\

  • aa

    yeah, photoshop is good.

  • rileyR

    ahhh, i remember Mr. Narcissist and his Target fake-o earrings...

  • Henley

    Well, if he wasn&apost gay, he converted to gayness the moment he put that shirt on.

  • Lush

    Beautiful. Gorgeous. Angelic. Perfection.

  • I&aposm not gay, i don&apost mind gays at all but not for me

  • Tony

    George Michael wants his stubble back.

  • popters

    The truth Steven, are you gay? Do not lie

  • Thanks for the positive comments but i have not posted half of these pics of me!!

  • rexSR

    Gorgeous.... Always.....

  • Dave

    maybe its maybeline

  • sam/sydney

    Such a good looking bloke but what the f**k is he doing with the tired old ear rings and the &apospout&apos. Good basics but spoilt by trying way too hard.

  • cal

    Well, he&aposs very orange. That&aposs about all I can say about him.

  • mikey

    Lucky#7... you hit it right on the spot!

  • god! How many time is he going to show his face! we know your face now! Show us your cock . bellend and balls! even open your legs and lets see what your hole is like! hehe

  • tonyz

    this guys posts this same pic every two months. at least take a new picture...we know you&aposre beautiful!

  • Bryan

    Gurl your husband you say?! I think he&aposs been staying away from the girls ;) and with us guys xoxo

  • Ron in Houston

    Well, Lucky#7, if ladies looked like that, I&aposd be straight!

  • daniel

    the classic look to the left burnt as hella face...a timeless warner classic~

  • WastedPotential

    Someone has to tell this lady to lay off the fake tanner.

  • he&aposs so pretty. Can I have him? I love him and hope to see him modeling one day.

  • kimm

    those are some beautiful eyes

  • InShockandAwe

    @Anonymous .. you must not be taking care of your husband .. he is posting this pic again for another ego boost

  • tim

    I know diamonds are a girls best friend

  • Lucky#7

    "Dude looks like a lady!" Aerosmith

  • robb1980 WOW!!! your HOT AS HELL!!!!!

  • ryan

    wow, incredibly hot!! can we see more of you??!

  • Bryan

    The perfect face.... Beautiful!!

  • Anonymous

    My husband is so hot. Stay away girls! Grrrrr!

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