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Pauly D

From: MTV's Jersey Shore

January 17, 2010 - 07:20 PM
Pauly D on Guys with iPhones
  • jay

    yeah hes "alright".. his dick makes him Hot though.. its pretty big (i should know, it was in my ass ((and imma dude))). But his face is kinda 'eh'.. and his hair - LOL. but yeah.. nice cock on this boy.

  • I love dick

    Hey show ur dick

  • crystal

    oh pauly push it in harder harder oh DADDY!!!!!!

  • Delicious.

  • nicole coto

    wow i wanna fock him all night

  • nathan

    This guy is fucking hot!! he would just have to say drop and i would be on my knees befor he could say the p

  • ashley

    I fucked him wen I was in miami his cock is so huge and its peirced and it felt great in my pussy, he let me sick his cock and it was delicious sex experience I have ever was great

  • Nathan

    How big? In inches.

  • Tryana

    How much do you workout?,

  • Tryana

    I like your hair.How did get it that way?

  • Tryana

    You are the coolest person

  • David

    Perfection...end of story.

  • I regret all the bitchy comments from our friends out there. Why do we want to tear someone down like this? This guy, whoever he is, has a lot going for him physically. My own philosophy dictates that if you can&apost say something encouraging, skip it. Personally, I&aposd love to get in his pants. With my hot tongue technique I&aposd have him squealing and squirming and cumming in bucket loads. Post some more, please.

  • a

    you can do me any time you want...and I love the do you boo.

  • Matt

    So he took a picture shirtless with his phone in the mirror...ALOT of guys do that all the time, how in the hell does this make him gay?

  • The Situation

    Great bod. Please fix the hair.

  • John

    The hair is a hot mess

  • obzidian

    Fucking absurd looking hair. I mean really.. WTF! LMAO looks like some kind of stop-motion puppetry doll from a kids show or something.

  • brian

    pauly, don&apost listen to these fags and bitches. i love the hair and the body is bangin too! i watched the shores marthon all day yesterday just to keep seeing you. i want to see/feel that secret piercing personally if you know what i mean. i&aposm bi myself so could work out the 3some and then kick her out and have some fun ourselves. hit me up

  • Nikki

    Let&aposs see that piercing!

  • And here i was thinking you were straight doode...dope tho!

  • Kyle

    I do not think he is gay either. He fooled around with lots of chicks on TV. lol. Might be bi, but I don&apost even think he is. Just vain and likes to show off.

  • jay

    he is gay or at least bisexual i know someone that hooked up with him on the DL

  • Sean

    I&aposd like to "fist pump" him

  • Oscar

    Hey Man it&aposs all good! You are beautiful, and this can only help you in this time and age!!! Nevermind the haters. They forget that have been yung too. All the suport. Oscar.

  • William

    Pauly D, I fucking love you. Just saying.

  • He is really fucking hot! So I do not understand does this make him gay? How does this site work? I was forwarded the link from someone. But I fucking love him

  • Angela

    show us the goods

  • Kevin

    The situation is hurting. Pauly and Ronnie are the hottest. Ronnie is my favourite tho. I love his laugh.

  • untakentim

    Is this one of The Gotti hotties?

  • Anonymous

    hey&aposd be way hotter if he did something different with his hair

  • carlos

    hey girls i am waiting for him because he is gay!Q

  • Anonymous

    who said he is vain is he&aposs friend because my friend HE IS GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Co-op

    That hair is woop-de-doo!

  • Let&aposs go to Headliners or Karma! I love Pauly D!!!

  • LAcityboy

    fist pump, pump, pump... at the club!! hot bro!

  • greg lashappell

    snookie punch!

  • Ryan

    "don&apost let the spiked hair fool you, i ain&apost no bitch. ... i love pauly.

  • Jake

    The hair looks a mess.

  • Ammon Swofford

    Allo Allo Pauly D!!

  • ScottyP.

    You all need to just calm down. These Jersey boy types are all a bunch of go nowheres who happen to have fallen into a reakity show. Otherwise they&aposd be a bunch of dropouts trying to make a few bucks at the supermarket as bagboys. This guy could almost be attractive if he wasn&apost such a self centered, Hair gelled, body waxing, gym rat. They all talk like a bunch of jerks and after you fucked them you had better not want to talk cause they don&apost know how to make conversation if their life depended on it. They&aposre al a big disappointment.

  • Terry

    Hot Pauly D!!!! So us the piercing!!! Fist pump!!!!

  • oh really!

    this is the first respectable thing he has done!

  • JRH

    Pec implants?

  • bamaboy

    >Just one question, guys: How does a guy even find out about this website if he is not even remotely gay? Just something to think about...

    He&aposs had this pic up at his MySpace page for ages--probably before they even cast the show. Somebody else must have found it and decided to post it here for shits and giggles. (I saw it at Just Us Boys and DataLounge before it showed up here.)


    LOL you little queens need to CALM down. He might be bi for all you know. there are ALOT of bi guys in todays day, closeted ones especially. And for you queens that want to read pauly like you know him personally, GET A LIFE. You are pROBABLY dick hungry faggots with tubby bellys, no asses, or weird lkooking dicks or shaped liked bricks. You wouldnt even have the chance to munch on paulys bird in a million years so quit hating

  • jonny0610

    Damn ur sexy Pauly! I wanna see that piercing too. Def wouldn&apost mind seeing The Situation&aposs dick either!

  • Kyle

    This must have been before the L, after the G and T... GTL! LOL.. so ridiculous!

  • obsidian

    @Nick- sweetheart, calm down, you&aposll have to double up on your pressure pills if you don&apost. And if you&aposd lose that extra 235 pounds, you could get off those pills ya know?

    So, exactly where is YOUR picture?

    And honey, I COULD get him if I wanted to, if he were ever able to be so lucky, but the thing is, I wouldn&apost WANT TO HAVE HIM. I wouldn&apost be able to stop laughing at his hair the whole time I had him bent over the hotel room sofa!

    Fucking cartoon haired lookin goombah! LOL

    And of course he&aposs gay. He just can&apost admit it. LMAO!

  • RW

    He&aposs got serial killer eyes. Yeesh.
    And that hair looks like he borrowed it from the Heat Miser.

  • Caoimhin

    He&aposs only hot if you&aposre Italian.

  • rgncajun

    When is the playgirl pics coming out?

  • Ethan

    I would blow him or even let him fuck me :) as long as he washed that shit out of his hair

  • Uh-huh.

    Just one question, guys: How does a guy even find out about this website if he is not even remotely gay? Just something to think about...

  • Michael

    He has hair like Liberace....

  • Anonymous

    Pauly D is so dam hot. He&aposs got the whole package. I want a guy like that. I don&apost think he posted his picture here. I think someone just found it and put it on here.

  • Jay

    We&aposre not being haters or stupid bitches, some of us just have some taste in men...

  • Max

    stupid bitches - when you post your pix here doesn&apost mean you&aposre gay.
    this is gay friendly site. Jealous queens.

  • mariel

    omg pauly d i sgay!!!!!! nuh uh!!! text my fone if he is cuz i dnt believ day shit pauly d is fucking sexii he cnt be gay this is a joke!!!!:/

  • tight ass

    Pauly "I aint no bitch" D is gay. Who knew? I bet Mike knew!

  • EliBard

    F*ck all the haters Pauly D!!! You are SOOO hot!!!

  • the poet

    guys don&apost forget ..he doesn&apost have to be the one that posted this pic for it to be up on here.

  • Xboy

    Don&apost listen to these guys; Pauly D I think your F&aposn hot!!! I wanna lick every inch of your freak&aposn yummy body. I&aposll bottom for you even with that P.A.

  • rgncajun

    Get the Situation to post pics here too!

  • Very hot! Favorite guy from Jersey Shore! Love ya Pauly D

  • kevin

    I like him on the show. Great guy.

  • Kevin

    OMG! wow I love this guy!!!

  • timpest

    Great bod, not so bad face, I&aposd cut off all the hair then damn he&aposll be fine. See were gay we can fix anything/one LOL.

  • Mr.Brazilian

    He said in one of the episodes that he have a piercing on his cock...
    Can you show that, pliiiise!

  • Latinluver

    All Italian men are gay, the country isnt shaped like a thigh high boot for no reason! Either way, they are all yum yum good!

  • Anonymous

    Something tells me he&aposs not quite got the right upstairs tools to understand this is mostly a gay site...yes, Pauly D...we&aposre dudes, who look at

  • QB

    Get over it, he needs to hit the gym. Do some crunches, squats and bench press.

  • Anonymous

    FIST PUMP! Get it, Pauly D.

  • Jay

    omg broo your so hot hit me up

  • Nick

    Just want to say also those who make negative comment about this guy and say he is not hot send a pic of yourself and let&aposs see how hot you look,Pauly D you are a hottie just so you know,and I don&apost want to get in your pants,fuck the haters they just are upset that they are not you and you would not look twice at them,and I must say that you and Ronnie are the hottest guys of the Jersey Shore cast,I have to admit Snooki is my favorite of the show!

  • Nick

    People on here are fucking haters this guy hair gel and all is hotter than some of the crap on this site that you guys go fucking crazy over,most of you are mad,that you could not get him or a guy half as hot if he was on Jersey Shore or not,second the boy is not dumb as you all think,he is not going to go full frontal on this site,he is holding out for Playgirl,unlike chickenshit Levi Johnston he is willing to show everything and so what if he is gay aren&apost most of you who visit this site,stop being so judgemental and high schoolish,grow up damn it!

  • Mikie

    Haha....what is up with that hideous hair?

  • Ayania

    He actually would be good looking if he fixed that god awful hair style.

  • AAA

    Vain? With hair like that? If he is, he&aposs kidding himsef. LOL

  • tim

    cock tease

  • Greg

    Do some research and you&aposll discover some of the Jersey shore boys do gay porn...

  • instead of hairgel, give the boy some style!!

  • KK

    You are so Hot! Show us more!

  • Yeah

    I can&apost stop laughing.

  • Jesus

    Show us your dick piercing please! God you&aposre hot. You and Vinny should fool around while the Situation videotapes and whacks off. God damn you&aposre a fine piece of meat.

  • ceez

    This will be my future husband lol. :) oh yes,

  • Ross

    I dont think hes gay, just really really vain.

  • kt

    Stop the Hate.....He&aposs fucking hot...admit it

  • Oh look.. It&aposs a Guidette

  • OJ

    lol this ude knows gay boys want him ... tease.

  • partyone

    Pauly D why don&apost you show us that big italian sausage, you hottie.

  • TJ

    Pauly... we&aposve already seen you topless. If you&aposre going to post, make it worthwhile. Thanks.

  • hottie


  • rojo

    dude fuck you all, homez is so hot ... haters

  • Jersey Shore Hater

    Kinda figured this one was a queer. Probably spent time sucking "The Situations" itty bitty little cock.

  • seanitoboy

    Gym. Tan. Laundry.

  • $22020560

    I can&apost resist either, "Are you from Jersey?"

  • dmc

    show us more!!!

  • rick

    Pauly D from Jersey Shore?!

  • Put a bag over his head and we&aposll call it good. That hair is disgusting.

  • X

    Fist pump!!

  • rian

    dj pauly show us more

  • NAS

    dude great bod, but ease off on the tanning and the hair gel

  • SoCal

    hes mine!!!

  • arnee

    papi u r so gay!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joey

    is that pauly d???

  • Bryce

    This is DJ Pauly D from the show &aposJersey Shore&apos on MTV!!!

  • mikey

    Um... isn&apost this Pauly D from The Shore

  • Mike

    oh lord Jersey Shore..."interesting" show..but not hot

  • John Smith

    one HOT guido (except for the hair)

  • maddie

    well if youre going to show,, show it all!!!!!

  • Edd

    Isnt this one of the guys off jersey shore? so not attractive

  • Scotty

    Pauly D is gay!!!

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