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John McCain

March 26, 2010 - 06:50 PM
John McCain on Guys with iPhones
  • reno

    Haha John McCain! Thats so funny LOL!!!!

  • MilfMan
  • Corey

    naw uh!

  • NeicyKicT

    Hello. And Bye.

  • jon

    What the F*ck McCaine?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!? I wouldnt mind seeing him with his clothes off though, i bet he is a bear:) lol

  • Fj

    Lol at first im like larry david but his arms look like john mccain. it is him all politics aside back in b.c. time when he was young vet he was cute probably had a fat cock right ms. cindy

  • whatever

    what a dirty boy :)

  • Bean

    I LOVE THIS!! I&aposm sure McCain had NO idea there is so much nudity on GWIP!! Kind of like the Tea Baggers!!!! That&aposs the BEST irony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So funny!!

  • anonymous

    lmao i literally just died. how hilarious.

  • anonymous

    yeah WTF.....John McCain!! ??
    And yeah it&aposs definitely him, look at his arms ;)

  • Fenix

    LMAO this pic was on the Wanda Sykes show!!!

  • spinner


  • Kailash

    He meant to send this to his mistress

  • Kraftwerk

    I am scared! Did Sarah Palin tell him this is the new thing to get support? Oy! Give it up! You lost! What a joke.

  • Shabooya

    Oh well, this ruined everything....

  • Avatar

    It&aposs looks like the hallway of the Tonight Show

  • i see his clothes are still on...

    I mean in this case it&aposs a good thing, but still.... protocol.

  • chin4me

    Can&apost be McCain - he can&apost raise his arm that high...

  • atxhottie87

    First sexy iphone pic sharing McCain........are you kidding me!!!! I hope this is your last term senator, its time for you to go

  • Sundance

    It&aposs him! For real. Look at his short arms, like Homer Simpson&aposs dad. Too bad he didn&apost post this before the election! He might have gotten more votes!

  • omigosh. wtf? John McCain? Are you serious?

  • Wxstud

    Bring on his son!

  • BearNecessity

    Not sexy.

  • Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  • TomJ

    I&aposm sure all can be explained by this:

    He has a wide stance.

    Very wide.

  • tresbone

    I hear his dick isn&apost as big as Sarah Palin&aposs.

  • Ravynskye


    FFS, McCain... Just because you lost to obamalongamadingdong is no excuse to be doing this to yourself.

    Do you not have PEOPLE to tell you these things are a bad idea?

    That said... Cock shots NOW!

  • youtt

    this is too funny!! Not a bad thing though, just funny

  • Anonymous

    That&aposs McCain&aposs house. I saw the hallway during an interview.

  • Billv

    Holy crap! Does he know he&aposs on here? LOL

  • I&aposm just glad it isn&apost NAKED John McCain!

    Although I&aposd accept a naked Lloyd Dogget ;3

  • G. Kips

    He doesn&apost look like he has a clue as to what he&aposs doing. Must be McCain.

  • Thomas

    I would argue this is most famous person to appear on GWIP so far, who would have guessed lol

  • butchie

    Show us the old gray meat Johnny boy....I want to see the

  • rrrrrrrrrrr

    He was kinda hot when he was younger

  • Steeads

    This is too Funny I just cant stop laughing

  • cfuse

    Unless he&aposs planning to follow this up with cock shots, I&aposm not interested.

  • anAdmirer

    bantis, you are absolutely right. more than anything else, this IS hilarious. i went overboard in my "boner downer" complaint. to see his clueless face here does crack me up.

  • Vince

    Haha phew! He was almost our president! Would you hit it? Yes! (with a golf club)

  • Mike

    It IS John McCain, just to clarify.

  • Bantis

    That is Frigging HILARIOUS because I suspect he innocently took a pic of himself because some closet case suggested he do so...kudos closet case for posting it though...classic!!

  • anAdmirer

    WTF indeed!! we come to this site to make us forget sh*t like this. yikes. you&aposre right, tbone, it probably was his daughter. still, this is a boner downer big time.

  • TucsonGuy

    He is gay he is always out at the gay bar.

  • Anonymous

    john mccain?!

  • Mikal

    Hahahahahahahaha! Too funny!

  • Greg

    I&aposm just thankful that he has his clothes on...

  • Rater

    LOL! Pretty good McCain look alike. xD

  • dude, it&aposs colonel tigh

  • Toomy

    he has short arms because he was tortured when a POW in Vietnam... but now America is tortured with him and Palin...

  • Gawd I really hope this is a cruel, cruel joke !

  • dui


  • Daniel


  • tbone1220

    O BOY!, does he know that there&aposs peeny on this website? I bet his daughter did this..hehe. And, he says he doesn&apost support gay rights. I guess going gay is getting popular in the republican party.

  • blue

    He could of at least showed a little skin. .. .I mean. .geez Johnny.

  • rj

    He is so desperate for votes in his re-election campaign in AZ for US senate, that is he pandering to the queers.....

    Can&apost wait for you to lose. Loser!

  • yvespaul

    Whoa, this is Guys With iPhone, not old hag Republicans with iPhones! We have standards here!

  • m

    Oh no, McCain??...looks like this one is his first phone,...ever !?!?..who can hold his arms during txting, like he...and how long???

  • Jordy

    what the...

  • Anonymous

    I just knew John McCain likes to look at naked little boys.

  • cinb

    WOW! Just when you think GWIP wasn&apost shady enough! Typical Republican!!! Conservative in politics and daddy in the chambers!

  • jim

    OMFG!!! are you serious JOHN MCAIN on this site how liberating...LMFAO

  • JD

    What the fuck.

  • Will

    seriously? go to hell for unleashing the true anti-christ on us.

  • Luigimail

    wow, that look is soo uncanny! too bad you (he) lost the election!

  • Chris this John McCain?!

  • MateoM

    Whoever posted this....I like your sense of humor.


  • Mark

    John McCain??? WTF?

  • Bobby


  • D that John McCain?!?

  • JauntyJohn

    Well, I&aposd have bet you a million dollars ... and I&aposd have lost. Mr. McCain, we differ on many points but ... hat tip for this.

  • E

    Senator McCain???

  • Ryan T

    Senator McCain?!!?!?

  • Norm!

    John McCain?

  • kevin

    UM...WTF?!!! Is this John McCain?!!! I&aposm so confused!

  • Drew

    Ok. Tell me this is John McCain! Hell of a look alike if not!

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