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April 29, 2010 - 06:30 AM
Chingy on Guys with iPhones
  • Mitch


  • TJ

    Damn, Chingy. I&aposve been wanting some of that since you first came on the scene. You are soooo phucking hot. I would love to taste what Is In those boxer shorts. Damn!!!!

  • jonny0610

    Would love to see what&aposs in those Hanes!


    AHHHHH!!!! Chingy&aposs my freakinq HUSBAND.. love him since back then.. MUAHZ, come holla at me Chingy.. lol

  • Art

    Chingy it&aposs fine if you stay in the closet, just be you and love you. But you know what you&aposre doing to the gay men here. This is like your 4th shirtless post. That tells ME something. But anyway this is nice, do more. :D


    fucking CHINGY lemme pull those shorts down and go at it! LMAO

  • suskeihattori

    f**kin T3AZE!!!
    thas not fair... u lookin like some kinda caramel Christmas present over there... lets see a little peekaboo

  • the poet

    ohhh yea chingy...take it off!!!

  • Marcus

    Damn, Chingy! I&aposd let you beat so quick. You are sexy! Ever in Nor Cal, email me

  • vonn

    mmmm, let&aposs sex.

  • Butchie

    You&aposre a hottie. Drop the shorts and let us see the rest of that hot body

  • Dee

    Omg, is that Chingy?! If it is or isn&apost, all I have to say is...DAMN!!!!

  • Orly

    Awesome chest.

  • Reg

    When did Chingy get so buff? Look real good dude

  • rosie

    He unless i see something im not impress Chingy! lol

  • Malik

    Nice Body...

  • i want chingy

    chingy look the fuck good he cut up body sexy as shyt...want him now uuugggghhhh!!!!!!!!

  • jodi

    damn u sexy motherfucker damn

  • Nick

    Why It&aposs smoking hot rapper Chingy,if the rapping thing is over you could have a career as a porn star

  • Shawty b

    Is That Chingy?

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