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Mel Gibson

May 1, 2010 - 03:35 AM
Mel Gibson on Guys with iPhones
  • Kat

    Mel Gibson needs to disappear... completely and spare us all. Kat

  • ridwan

    Mad Mel, go n get some pros help before the whole world goes lunatic again listening to your lunatic audio tapes once again!

  • August

    Poor Mel; he's on another 5 day binge & blackout I can't wait to read what he did in the National Enquirer, and I'm sure he can't wait to find out too!

  • Chris

    Good on ya mate...typical aussie...great to see. When bored send some more. I know it will not happen but again when bored send some direct Have a good one chum.

  • jaison

    Mel I worked with you on a set ,email me so we can talk lol.My email is

  • momo
  • M

    Hi Mel, you still have those gorgeous blue eyes, sure you look a bit crazed here but I still think you&aposre a great actor :)

  • Jim Jensen

    My precious...

  • Frank j

    Bub yea right no money no day no how. ok. btw do u know mel is a natural citizen of USA. his parents where in NY when he was born

  • Art

    Is this a cry for help? Why would he take this?

  • Anonymous

    Looking OLD Mel!

  • Chris

    Mel, u look like hell.

  • InShockandAwe

    @ Allan ... there are many but if you are looking for another hazbin this one comes to mind

  • he looks like shit, but that&aposs what smoking like 3 packs a day for 30 years gets ya.

    Oh - and that entire holier than thou hypocrisy he spouts. And a career filled with shitty movies.

  • InShockandAwe

    drunk again attacking the Paparazzi ... then realizes he is taking the picture as he falls to the curb .... so sad

  • Osky

    Hi Mel, How are you?

  • ross

    what a monster

  • BuB

    Not even on a dare with money on the line.

  • nathan

    it&aposs the ghost of mel gibson

  • Ash(30/m)

    Mel?! hahaha awesome

  • pmmmmmmmm

    It&aposs the devil

  • Will

    he sure doesn&apost look sober to me. what a mess.

  • artredriver

    That Mel, he&aposs one crazy ultra-conservative Catholic!

  • Anonymous

    hey mel

  • Anonymous

    wow did not age well to say the least

  • rOnIn72

    he&aposs looking creepier as he gets older

  • Allan

    That is so funny! Are there any more celebs on here?

  • Eric Kane

    Total Loser.

  • k

    LOL! Mel i think ur an awesome actor :)

  • Seth

    Hey Mel, your politics and religious views stink. You should take that narrow mind back to Australia. We have enough on our hands without importing even more rednecks...

    You were cute in Galipoli though... xo

  • jack

    he looks disgusting

  • Eric

    No, that can&apost be.....

  • MozVegas

    It&aposs zombie Mel Gibson!

  • Paul Huston

    Mel, nice cock!

  • Anonymous

    Wow! what happened Mel? You used to be one of the best looking men ever... Hmmm

  • Beav

    @Aiden Wolf - Yeah, he&aposs gonna do that. He looks like a rabid animal. Great representation of himself, BTW.

  • milo

    Mel Gibson! WOW!!!!!!

  • Frankjoey

    Ono he&aposs drunk and gonna fall. was hot but like tom cruise their mouths ruined that. o though i kiss both of them hey mel. lol

  • Aiden Wolf

    hey mel, email me at

  • stonrboi

    how random??!!??

  • asdfjkl;

    i cant say anything but.... LOL

  • Joe

    no way Mel Gibson?!

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