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May 25, 2010 - 11:35 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Daniel

    woof your hot :):):

  • blkdnc

    nice dick dude!


    holey fuck i want u to fuck me so hard and long i cant walk for a mounth fill me so full of your cum

  • choirboydfwtx

    I would clean his room for him at least once

  • marky

    I would give a kidney to lick you all over, dude... Nice!

  • Matt

    @tinyshlong- then dude, I&aposd be looking for other work, because you are obviously NOT very good at what you do. It&aposs NOT faked/photoshopped/altered, etc.

    I&aposve been in graphic arts and design for over 15 years. I know the field and the tricks. And I&aposm damn good at what I do. It&aposs not fake. Be real careful what you stake your reputation on. Look at all the other pics preacher-man. FAR from fake.

  • lovethecock

    Bend me over and fuck me. Now.

  • jared

    omfg I love your cock!!!- it&aposs just so ,, so ,, HUGE AND AMAZING!&apos(:

  • mike look me up on facebook wi

    you are the hottest man alive in the world!!!!!! i want you man.

  • ironmanfan

    clearly NOT photoshop you little dick jealous queens...

  • mike morarity

    fuck me rawwwww

  • tinyshlong

    does anyone have a brain on here lol .. that is clearly photoshopped...sorry i know a fake when i see one (it&aposs my job)

  • Tone

    You&aposve got quite a following and it&aposs obvious why!

  • surryslut

    mmm yummy fuck me anytime bud

  • jonny0610

    God dayum, I was def questioning how real this was! U ARE HUGE! Fuck me all night and day!

  • Dan

    Definitely the hottest guy in GWIP. Thats a nice piece of dick! HOT!

  • zak

    incredibly hot

  • kix

    oh shoot!!! i want to see more of this dude! please send them at

  • Aaron

    I just got a boner and I&aposm at work.

  • Toni

    damn sexybottom010@yahoo

  • steve

    Damn Please open my tight ass up everyday with that nice cock. I will be ready anytime anyday. Give me your load :)

  • PeteNY

    Wow wow wow..he needs his own category, the other guys just don&apost measure up!

  • George

    Ok, you&aposve shown us your handsome face and your magnificent cock, now let&aposs see it hard!

  • paparazzi

    Wow! Can u little dick mothafu@#rs stop with the photoshop comments. There is bigger dicks than this out there jealousy comes in all forms. Iron man don&apost mind the the haters come to NYC plz.

  • Muscleworship

    Whoa..I am on my are a god!!

  • B

    Show us a boner ;)

  • Fm


  • Brutherly luv

    Apparently some of you have never seen dicks like this in person. Had I not seen a few in my life, I&aposd probably think it was fake too...and they weren&apost pumpers. Some guys just got it like that. And for the haters who think that just because of his looks he must be dumb; your insecurity is showing!

  • Fudge

    And I&aposll never talk again. Oh boy you&aposve left me speechless... You&aposve left me speechless--so speechless!

  • g

    wow - so hot. love to see more of u -

  • mike m

    there are no words.....

  • charlie

    I&aposve seen big dicks before, but never on such a hot and muscled boy before. OMG. DREAM MAN!!! Are u in NY??? :)

  • NIck r

    whoa whoa whoa. Just fuck me now

  • Sammy

    Damn. I&aposm so speechless right now. Hit me up

  • Rater

    Holy shit! You are so hot. :3 :$

  • Sundance

    That dick is sooo big, you can throw it over your shoulder and burp it!

  • BriaNL

    Please tell me: who is this guy?

  • top4yurbottom

    without a doubt HALL OF FAME material

  • Brian

    OMG!!! Nice body and cute face and your cock is gorgeous!! Would love to wake up in the morning next to that!!

  • Mike

    Somehow doubt it&aposs entirely real/original... either way though, you gotta ask yourself, Can he add 2 and 2 or chew gum and walk at the same time? Probably not.

  • John


  • ironmanfan

    omg same can I get my lips on that dick?? I'll do anything you want

  • Anonymous

    god..........fuck me

  • wallysfo

    Perfection... : )

  • RileyR

    Nice try - but the combo isn&apost possible (arms bigger than your head, hanging limp dick like that, etc.).

  • bleu ba you

    OMG by usher!
    that DICK is to die for..!
    add me up on twitter everyone..


    Hot fn body dude. Love that big cock too

  • Gary

    Nice photoshop work!

  • coch

    soo fucking unfair! share the wealth buddy!

  • E

    Are U the iron man guy ? U gotta be him.... If your not, well fucking props to U..... Another fucking perfect cock.

  • Kevin Zeitler

    Mother f! Email me buddy Need to talk!

  • Damn! You are Daddy&aposs Samurai Warrior dream man! Mother Nature was unusually good to you. Come on now--show us the whole naked truth.

  • RJ

    hall of fame!!!

  • are you the guy with an iron man mask a lot of photos behind? damn, what a dick!! i want it lol

  • inluv


  • Knight

    Wow. Just wow. I need to lie down.

  • suskeihattori

    That is simply AMAZING and i have no other words... except GAWWDAMMM!!!!
    i wish you were in my clubhouse

  • mario

    show us ur ass! fuck ur smoking hot! cant stop looking at u, I&aposm inlove w u hotie ; )

  • Danny

    dude def message me! very very nice!!!

  • Superman

    They broke the mold the day u were born! Stunning in every way!!!!!

  • the poet

    wow did u use the pump?

  • Rasec

    I just wanna let you know im you admired num one!! In this webside u the most beatiful man I ever seen ,and now I get to see you face i have all you pic saved , I&aposm always looking for you! :):) whatever part in the world you are I wanna be!! Lol jk well you my iron man!! Hit me up we can trade pic if you want !!!


    Great looking cock! Would love to feel it in my hole!

  • Jon

    IRONMAN we finally see your face! SO HOT!


    fucken hot dude, nice cock...

  • tresbone

    Finally, a muscleman who&aposs not afraid to show his cock!

  • cookie

    O MY God!

  • Knight

    Wow. Just wow. I need to lie down.

  • kauaiboi

    nice dick.

  • coch

    soo fucking unfair! share the wealth buddy!

  • nottyninja

    Holy shit! Awesome cock.

  • rgncajun

    Everything on you is huge, papi. How&aposs that ass?

  • Lusting over you are HOT!! Keep posting more pics!!

  • Mason

    It&aposs Iron Man!

  • javier

    holy. shit.......

  • Brian

    Holy Fuck that thing is hugeee

  • tim

    BE STEAL MY HEART and choke me with that big your big cock, wow, you are extremely fine looking sexual feeling. damn son, damn you got it going. play safe

  • mark

    holy shit thats huge. i would so be up to swallowing that thing to the balls and draining ever drop out of you... and taking it really deep inside my ass and feeling that hot sweet load shoot inside me... mmmmm

  • K

    Oh yum

  • Anonymous

    holy crap! you&aposre big ALL over!!

  • Anonymous

    How do you find underwear to contain that juicy package?

  • Joe

    Gorgeous but photoshopped. Good job Hottie!

  • Whoa !! I am in Love... Spectacular man

  • G

    If you were my scout leader I&aposd let you sleep in my tent!

  • Hot for you

    Ironman unmasked!

  • Marco

    nevermind its photoshopped -___-

  • allie

    Damn.....I thought that was your leg...nice

  • Marco (

    Omg, I have to feel it!

  • Anonymous

    Holy Shit! That&aposs one fucking huge cock. You lucky man.

  • Anonymous

    WOW!!!! That, that has to be the hotest man alive!! Sexy Fireman with huge cock!!! FUCK!

  • Luv

    God loves u!! U got it ALL!! Beauty, Body and Hung like a Stallion.
    Something has to be wrong with ya. No one is that Physically Perfect.
    Please say u have one Flaw??

  • AP

    OH, MY GOD! Is it true?

  • cal

    Holy shit! First off, you are hot as hell and then you have this HUGE dick. You are so very blessed . . .

  • Rasec

    I just wanna let you know im you admired num one!! In this webside u the most beatiful man I ever seen ,and now I get to see you face i have all you pic saved , I&aposm always looking for you! :):) whatever part in the world you are I wanna be!! Lol jk well you my iron man!! Hit me up we can trade pic if you want !!!

  • Phil

    Ironman shows his face!

  • Roc

    My tongue just got hard

  • gambit

    Badly photoshopped dick.

  • Marty

    Oh Dear. My heart stopped. Face me and come closer please.

  • Lovin&apos your dick and bod

    Well you certainly don&apost work out to make up for the lack of dick size. Huge! Love to see a shot of it harder!

  • nek

    oommmg freekn hawt,...dang - sexy man!

  • thickydicky

    oh my god

  • johnnycock

    Wowzers! That&aposs one huge piece of meat.

  • Geronimo

    Papiiiiiiiiii! es eso verdad? Pensé que los fisiculturistas lo tenian chiquitito...

  • Jeff in NC

    Nice face, amazing bod-wouldn&apost mind a little hair on it though, and awesome cock! I wonder if it&aposs real; I&aposll let my fantasy believe it is.
    If he would&aposve been in the boy scouts (diggin the uniform) when I was a kid, I might&aposve been one.

  • David


  • Rick Evans

    Yikes. You are living proof that life is not fair - the universe has given you everything a man needs. Of course kudos to you for the hard work you have done to get that beautiful body - but your looks and your gorgeous hunk of meat is a gift from the greek gods : )
    Life must be good for you....

  • vonn

    ha! that looks...not normal.

  • C.A.


  • tim

    lets go pretend we are boyscouts photo shoping.

  • stonrboi

    that is really close to perfection!!!!!! i want some..

  • Sean

    oh my


  • InShockandAwe

    I&aposm all yours .. do with me what you want

  • Bryan

    How can one man be that PERFECT?!?!

  • chris

    He shows his face! I&aposm already on my knees.

  • Felipe Henrique

    fuck me with big cock

  • WOW

    WOW! love that hang!

  • mario

    What a handsome face. Do u have a permit for that thing. Very Nice, post one of ur ass papi.

  • work IT

    very nice! Me likey! Huge cock and nice body

  • Gabe

    Will you be my Scout Master. MMM MM

  • robin

    wow!!!!!!!!!!! you are not playin, i wish i could put my lips around that, i&aposd suck u dry. i&aposd be yo mornin wakeup call.

  • ScottyP.

    Muscle boy with a big cock. Nice combination.

  • DickHungry

    YUMMY :)
    - - that a BIG DICK :)
    More Pictures -

  • Joe Boxer

    Simply stunning. Yum. Fuck me.

  • rw

    uh, yeah, I&aposll worship THAT muscle too! gotdam!

  • Ryan

    I was focused on your arms until I saw that donkey dick between your legs. Damn!

  • CJ

    holllly shit! nice!

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