Guys With iPhones

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September 5, 2010 - 06:30 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Phoenixxx93

    I'd suck your little white cock

  • SamNYC

    Cute. Hot butt, hot cock, hot guy b

  • Qbanitoz

    I want to pump that cock.

  • jeff

    Thanks dudes...didnt even know this was on here ha

  • brit

    dick is too big

  • Nick

    Looks like Glyn from UK Big Brother!

  • ronnieboo


  • Andrey

    I know a good workout for both of us ;)

  • D.A.

    A totally hot boy!

  • suskeihattori

    thas a NICE dick and some CUTE lil buns you got boy!! keep showing that sh*t til we get enuff

  • jp

    I want to be on my knees sucking that dick and grabbing that ass.

  • SurfQuest


  • Tom in London

    Fuckin hot cock and cute ass - yes, please

  • Taylor

    Wow! you are amazing!!! :) all the best to you.

  • AJ

    It looks like you have a big ego which you should with that fat gorgeous cock. If I was hung like you I would be cocky as fuck.

  • Iluvmen

    Drool. So sexy! What a hot, tight, smokin&apos body and cock you&aposve got.

  • Pjay

    I would love to sit on that hog

  • Jeff

    Pretty damned fine.

  • Scott

    Absolutely beautiful! Would love to see more..

  • Brian

    WOW!!! Nice ass and gorgeous cock...

  • b_k_c

    Very HAWT! MOAR MOAR! :-)

  • Grant

    Wow. Nice... all of it!

  • Chris M

    Now this is what I wish I could see at the gym every day! I would love to be sucking you off while you lift those weights!


    Bro you are smoking. Love that big fat cock. Show it hard dude

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