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December 31, 2010 - 01:05 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Hermoso macho

  • minimikej3

    I love those underwear and how big your cock is and does not want to be stuffed in that small area.

  • Scubashon

    Great cock

  • Tache7

    Interesting kinky gear and not seen that configuration before.   Good thick dick too.

  • blkdimnd

    I love the undies were did you get them

  • builtdiesel

    damn nice big dick

  • wyatt

    beatiful perfect bod....i&aposd let you.....:)

  • xguyfr

    wow!! that&aposs a sweet dream ;)

  • oj


  • nanook

    After all your hot pics I imagine that you are totally nastay in bed, and I&aposm very much turned on by the idea ! Would love to see less manscaping, bro. Get some man hair around that gorgeous cock, then I&aposd go through the roof over you !!!!

  • Shea Butter

    I&aposd let you fuck me silly with that dick!!

  • Nawty #69

    Perfect undies to show off a perfect dick !!!!!! If I had that dick I&aposd say f#*k the undies and I&aposd go commando 24/7 (just for shock value lol !!!!!!!) :)

  • P.Nisnv

    Sooooo much dick for sooooo little undies !!!!!! You definitely need boxers to contain that beast !!!!!!!!!

  • Josh

    Hate the underwear and lack of pubic hair. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the dick and would be honored to suck it. A nice long phatty is just what the doctor ordered.

  • Nawtyboi

    Whole lotta man with a whole lotta dick !!!!!!!!

  • Nate

    Love everything including your shaved crotch. Very hot & don&apost change a thing. Except maybe the panties.

  • Jim

    fuck my hole right now, i want ur big chocolate cock inside me all night long

  • jonny0610

    God dayum! Are you a stripper?

  • Matt

    * I meant panties. Too bad you can&apost edit your own comments.

  • bkbandit

    Y does the drawers n pubes matter? I bet none of yall bodies or dicks look this good.

  • Geronimo

    Fuck me, please, please, please! Ay! debe doler! muy grande! mi culito no aguanta...
    Very very very good! Happy new year!

  • butterz

    Fucking HOT!!!

  • majkeel

    nice cook! i want more photos ;D

  • Matt

    Dem&aposs some silly-ass lookin pantie there, bro!

  • Hot Stuff

    Love the undies!

  • Dr. Evil

    I have to agree with most -- you&aposd be hotter with less manscaping. And that underwear looks like some weird male version of a garter belt, which I think look medieval on women and just comical on men. Is this some sort of homage to Rocky Horror and Dr. Frank-N-Furter?

  • someguy

    those are underwear? i thought it was a few pieces of duct tape.

  • Butchie

    Damn, thats a perfect dick. I love the shaved pubes. don&apost listen to these people hating on your nice shaved pubic area. I would love to lick your cum off your nice clean shaven pubic area...

  • db

    I am so intrigued and turned on by you. why does every photo look like this? Can we please see a no underwear shot, your body and cock are perfection and dripping with sex!

  • JoshS

    Slap my face with that cock before you split my ass open with it.

  • ScottyP.

    That is one fine piece of meat there. It would look even better with some bush on it.

  • Kilm

    I love this undie !

  • tim

    the body and dick are great, but need some pubes. the underwear is pathetic tho

  • the poet

    yes! you have become my favorite. this is what a man should look like. very nice meat, papa

  • Oscar

    that&aposs one of the most comical undergarments I&aposve ever seen. Nice meat tho.

  • DEE

    Yummy.. I love this pic, I would love to put that in my mouth

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